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July 27, 2018

General / Financial Awareness Quiz for SBI Clerks 2018 (Phase II) Main Exam - Set 3

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Hybrid capital instruments (debt / equity) form part of ___________ capital. 
  1. Tier II
  2. Tier I
  3. Tier III
  4. Paid up
  5. Preference share
Poverty line is expressed in terms of an overall
  1. Per capital income
  2. Per capita consumption expenditure
  3. Per capita entertainment expenditure 
  4. Per capita development expenditure 
  5. Per capita GDP
Financial Intelligence Unit is set-up by ___________ for tightening anti-money laundering measures.
  1. RBI
  2. Central Vigilance Commission  
  3. Income Tax Department
  4. Finance Ministry, GoI
  5. NITI ayog
The ratio of deposits to loans of a bank is known as 
  1. NPA coverage ratio
  2. Return on asset ratio
  3. Asset coverage ratio
  4. CD ratio
  5. Other than those given as options
Which of the following is the negotiable instrument ?
  1. Fixed Deposit of a Bank
  2. Share Certificate issued by a PSU
  3. Demand Draft issued by a bank
  4. Debenture of a company 
  5. Airway Receipt
In International Banking terms, 'Appreciation' of Rupee means 
  1. Excess of exports over imports
  2. Purchasing power of rupee has come down
  3. Availability of less foreign currency vis-a-vis rupee
  4. Excess of imports over exports
  5. Availability of more foreign currency vis-a-vis rupee
A Non-Performing Asset in Banking Business means 
  1. A fixed asset of Bank is not been utilised 
  2. A portion of deposits not been utilised
  3. A loan asset on which interest and / or installments remain unchanged
  4. All of the above 
  5. None of the above
Which of the following can issue commercial paper for raising short-term funds ?
  1. Corporates
  2. Primary dealers
  3. All India Financial Institutions 
  4. Both 2 and 3
  5. All of the above 
The first SEZ promoted by a corporate is 
  1. Reliance SEZ, Haryana 
  2. SEEPZ, Mumbai
  3. Mahindra SEZ, Pune
  4. Tata SEZ, Singur
  5. None of these 
 Which of the following types of economy is an example of sustainable economy ?
  1. Capitalist Economy
  2. Mixed Economy
  3. Socialist Economy
  4. Traditional Economy 
  5. None of these 
A financial contract that derives its value from another asset or an index of asset values is known as _________
  1. Insurance policy
  2. Security
  3. Derivative
  4. Share
  5. None of these 
Inflation refers to a fall in the value of money. Which of the following is the key measure of inflation in India ?
  1. Consumer Price Index
  2. Wholesale Price Index
  3. Personal Consumption Expenditure Price Index
  4. GDP Deflator
  5. All of the above 
Which of the following is not included in the National Social Assistance Programme ?
  1. Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme
  2. Indira Gandhi National Disability Pension Scheme
  3. Indira Gandhi National Widow Pension Scheme
  4. National Family Safety Scheme
  5. Annapurna Scheme 
On which among the following dates vernal equinox occurred ?
  1. June 21
  2. March 21
  3. August 21
  4. December 21
  5. April 21
Losar Festival is observed in Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir. Losar is Tibetan word for which thing ?
  1. New Year
  2. Makar Sankranti
  3. Christmas Eve
  4. Pausa Purnima
  5. Dalai Lama Birthday
What does JICF stand for in the context of JICA and the NE region ?
  1. Japan India Coordination Forum for development of North-Eastern region
  2. Joint India Coordination Forum for development of North-Eastern region
  3. Joint Integrational Coordination Forum for development of North-Eastern region
  4. Japan International Coordination Forum for development of North-Eastern region
  5. None of these
 The WTO Agreements cover global trade in 
  1. goods
  2. services
  3. intellectual property
  4. investments in other countries 
  5. 1, 2 and 3
If a promoter setting up a small finance bank desires to set up a Payments Bank, the firm should set-up both types of banks under a ______________ structure. 
  1. NBFC
  2. NOFHC
  3. LAB
  4. MFI
  5. None of these 
Which of the following has exited the shareholding of CIBIL ?
  1. ICICI and Bank of India
  2. United Bank of India and Aditya Birla Trustee Company Private Ltd
  3. United Bank of India and Bank of Baroda
  4. ICICI and Bank of Baroda 
  5. Indian Overseas Bank and ICICI 
National Housing Bank (NHB), is a wholly owned subsidiary of ?
  1. RBI
  2. Government of India
  3. IRDAI
  4. State Government

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