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April 30, 2018

30th April 2018 Hindu Editorial Vocabulary - PDF Download

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Hai Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu News Paper dated 30th April 2018. Happy reading :)

Note : There were no editorials in THE HINDU on 29th April 2018 (Sunday)

Download PDF Version of Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 30th April 2018 from HERE

Hindu Editorial Topic 1 : "Wisdom at Wuhan: on the Modi-Xi meeting"
  • Wisdom - knowledge that you have gained / the quality of being a good judgment
  • Tenor - the feeling, mood, or main message that you get from a book, person, situation etc
  • Informal - not formal or official
  • Summit - a meeting or series of meetings between leaders of two or more countries
  • Conversation - a talk between two or more people, usually a private and informal one
  • Unstructured - not organized in a formal way
  • Accompany - to go with someone to a place or event
  • Translator - someone who changes spoken or written words into another language, especially as their job
  • Delegation - a group of people who represent a country, government, or organization
  • Denote - to be a feature that shows you what something is
  • Bilateral - a bilateral agreement or activity is one that involves two groups or countries
  • Regional - relating to or typical of a particular area of a country or the world
  • Global - including or affecting the whole world
  • Strategic - carefully planned in order to achieve a particular goal, especially in war, business, or politics
  • Essentially - used for emphasizing what is the most important aspect of something or fact about something
  • Avoid - to try to prevent something from happening
  • Confrontation - a situation in which people or groups are arguing angrily or are fighting
  • Address - to give attention to or deal with a matter or problem
  • Ballooning - to quickly increase in size, weight, or importance
  • Deficit - the total amount by which money spent by a business or government is more than the money it receives
  • So-called - used for showing that you think a word used for describing someone or something is not suitable
  • Irritant - something that annoys you
  • Initiative - an important action that is intended to solve a problem
  • Dialogue - a process in which two people or groups have discussions in order to solve problems
  • Conciliatory - trying to end an argument and make people feel less angry
  • Evident - easy to see, notice, or understand
  • Turn down - to not accept an offer or request
  • Rhetoric - a style of speaking or writing that is intended to influence people
  • Precede - to happen or exist before another person or thing
  • Overshadow - to be a negative feature or influence that spoils something
  • Standoff - a disagreement or fight in which neither opponent can do anything to win or achieve their aim
  • Intrusion - an occasion when someone goes into a place or situation where they are not wanted or expected to be
  • Relatively - in comparison with someone or something similar
  • Overarching - affecting or including everything, and therefore very important
  • Despite - used for saying that something happens even though something else might have prevented it
  • Prolonged - continuing for a long time
  • Tranquility - the quality or state of being calm
  • Demarcate - to decide the limits of something, especially the borders of an area
  • Arsenal - a large collection of weapons and military equipment
  • Parley - a meeting, usually between enemies, to discuss an agreement
  • Overhang - something that has a negative effect on a situation
  • Skirmish - an argument or a disagreement, especially a political one
  • Standoff - a disagreement or fight in which neither opponent can do anything to win or achieve their aim
Hindu Editorial Topic 2 : "Food first: on child nutrition"
  • Nutrition - food considered as something that keeps you healthy
  • Substitute - to use something new or different instead of what is normally used
  • Address - to give attention to or deal with a matter or problem
  • Maternal - relating to being a mother
  • Well-being - the satisfactory state that someone or something should be in, that involves such things as being happy, healthy, and safe, and having enough money
  • Individual - relating to one person rather than a group
  • Tinkering with - to make small changes to something in order to improve or repair it
  • Ration - amounts of food that are provided for people who do not have enough
  • Lactating - if a woman or female animal lactates, she produces milk in her breasts in order to feed her baby
  • Fraught with - full of problems, difficulties, or things that are confusing
  • Nutrient - a substance in food that plants, animals, and people need to live and grow
  • Inject - to add something new to a situation
  • Commercialisation - to develop something so that you can make a profit from it
  • Prevail - to be the strongest influence or element in a situation
  • Overrule - to officially change a decision that someone else has made
  • Beneficiary - someone who gets an advantage from a situation
  • Imperative - extremely important and urgent
  • Incorporate - to add or include something as a part of something else, for example as a part of an arrangement or a document
  • Entitlement - the right to receive something or to do something
  • Emphasis - special importance or attention that is given to one thing in particular
  • Ground reality - reality of the situation
  • Comforting - making you feel less sad, worried, or disappointed
  • Underweight - thinner and lighter than normal, especially in a way that is unhealthy
  • Stunted - unable or not allowed to grow to normal size
  • Chronic - a chronic problem is always happening or returning and is very difficult to solve
  • Robust - strong and successful
  • Accelerate - to happen or make something happen at a faster rate
  • Rigorously - thoroughly and carefully
  • Acute - very serious or severe
  • Malnutrition - a medical condition in which you are weak or ill because you do not eat enough or do not eat enough of the right foods
  • Quick fix - something that can be done quickly in order to solve a problem or repair something that is broken though it may not last long
  • Wholesome - wholesome food is food that is good for you
  • Varied - including a wide range of things
  • Intake - the amount of something that you eat or drink
Download PDF Version of Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 30th April 2018 from HERE to Gr8AmbitionZ Official YouTube Channel from HERE

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