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March 15, 2018

GK & Current Affairs Quiz of March 2018 - Set 4

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To look into the development and regulation of the financial technology (fintech) sector in India, the Union Government has set up 8 Member steering committee. Who is the head of this committee ?

Who has sworn-in as the new Chief Minister of Meghalaya ?

Which country topped the Global Firepower Index 2017 ?

What was India's rank in Global Firepower Index 2017 ?

Who has been named as the Commissioner of the T20 Mumbai League, which will take place at Wankhede Stadium from 11th to 21st March 2018 ?

Name the World rapid chess champion, who has recently lifted the Tal Memorial rapid chess title ?

On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2018, the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has launched a Menstrual Hygiene Campaign. Name it ?

Who has recently became the 1st woman to command a warship squadron ?

Which country has recently announced that it will spend $175 billion on Defence this year [This is nearly 4 times as compared to India's $45-billion defence budget].

Which movie has won the Best Picture Award in 90th Academy Awards (Oscars) ?

The government has sanctioned ₹1,000 crore for the phase two of the IMPRINT India programme. What is IMPRINT ?

Name the 1st US state to set up its own net-neutrality requirements ?

London's Metropolitan police Scotland Yard has recently appointed an Indian as the new head of its counter-terrorism operations. Name him ?

After 56 years, the Government has shifted headquarters of Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) to _________

India's first helicopter taxi service was recently launched in which city ?

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