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January 02, 2018

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary - 2nd January 2018

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Hai Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu News Paper dated 2nd January 2018. Happy reading :)

Note : Click on the title to read the Editorial from the HINDU News Paper

  • Foray - an attempt at doing something new or something that you do not usually do
  • Repository - a place where large quantities of things are stored or kept safe
  • Resonance - an emotional effect produced by something that reminds you of something else
  • Ambition - something that you very much want to do, usually something that is difficult to achieve
  • Disarray - a situation in which people are very confused or things are not organized, especially because something unexpected has happened
  • Patriarch - the oldest man in a family or organization, who is respected because of this
  • On account of - because of someone or something
  • Opportune - something that is opportune happens at a suitable time or at a time that seems lucky
  • Cash in on - to use an opportunity to make a profit or gain an advantage
  • Ideological - related to a system of ideas and principles on which a political or economic theory is based
  • Articulate - able to express your thoughts, arguments, and ideas clearly and effectively
  • Comprehensive - including many details or aspects of something
  • Verdict -  an official judgment
  • Messiah - someone who people believe will save them from trouble or a difficult situation
  • Sort - a group of people or things with the same qualities or features
  • Solicit - to ask someone for money, information, or help
  • Grievance - a complaint about being treated in an unfair way
  • Charisma - a strong personal quality that makes other people like you and be attracted to you
  • Catapult - to throw someone or something with great force
  • Investor - a person who puts money into something in order to make a profit or get an advantage
  • Cryptocurrency - a digital currency produced by a public network, rather than any government, that uses cryptography to make sure payments are sent and received safely
  • Seemingly -  in a way that appears to have a particular quality, even though this is probably not true
  • Opened up - to create a new opportunity or possibility
  • Shot up - to increase quickly by a large amount
  • Fluctuate - to change frequently
  • Wildly - in an uncontrolled way
  • Volatility - liability to change rapidly and unpredictably, especially for the worse.
  • Speculation - ideas or discussion about why something has happened or what might happen
  • Lure - to persuade someone to do something by making it look very attractive
  • Prospect - the possibility that something will happen, especially something good
  • Caution - a warning that you should be careful
  • Investment - money used in a way that may earn you more money
  • Tremendously - to a very great extent
  • Daunt - if something daunts you, it makes you worried because you think that it will be very difficult or dangerous to do
  • Well-established - having existed for a long time, and having been successful or accepted for a long time
  • Spurious - not real or sincere
  • Scam - a dishonest plan, especially for getting money
  • Medium of exchange - something that people agree has value and can be used as money, for example gold
  • Firm - a business or company
  • Cross-border - going across a border between two countries
  • Transaction - the action or process of buying or selling something
  • Transparent - open and honest, without secrets
  • Intensify - if something intensifies, or if you intensify it, it becomes greater, stronger, or more extreme
  • Regulatory - a regulatory organization or company controls an activity, process, or industry
  • Scrutiny - careful examination of someone or something
  • Undermining -  to make something or someone become gradually less effective, confident, or successful
  • Anonymity - a situation in which the name of a person who does something such as write a book or give information is not known or is kept secret
  • Blockchain - a public record of transactions made in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency in chronological order
  • Proliferation - a sudden increase in number or amount
  • Anonymous - if someone is anonymous, no one knows their name
  • Ledger - a book that contains the financial records of a business
  • Immutable - impossible to change
  • Streamline - to improve a business, organization, process etc by making it more modern or simple
  • Oversight - the job of checking that a process or system is working well
  • Panel - a group of people who make decisions or judgments
  • Caveat - a warning of the limits of a particular agreement or statement
  • Caveat emptor - used for saying that when you buy something you are responsible for checking its quality

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