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November 19, 2017

Trick to remember Miss World 2017 winner

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Hello friends, I am Aparna. I shared a few short tricks to remember the names of Nobel Prize Winners 2017. All of you know that India’s Manushi Chhillar has won the Miss World 2017 crown after 17 years. Today I am going to share a small trick to remember this name. Ofcourse, guys never forget the names of beautiful girls. So this trick is for the girls like me :P (kidding). Happy Reading :)

Trick 1 :

Rember PM Modi saying

चिल्लर ने दुनिया जीत ली है

Here Chillar means - change, as in coins etc

Dunia means World (Miss World)

When ever we hear the word "मित्रों", we remeber our suffering days of Demonetization. During the days of demonetization, people suffered alot as they didn't have the enough change and money to buy the daily usage things.  After demonetisation backfired, modi tried to support his idea in many ways. Imagine he is trying to convince people saying due to demonitazion your Chillar (change ) has won the Duniya (World - Miss World).

Trick 2 :

Manush means Human being in many languages. Chillar means change in coins. Remember an image of Woman Shaped Coin Jar with a Crown on it. Here crown depicts Miss World Crown. 

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