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November 23, 2017

Meet the 1st Female Pilot in Indian Navy - Shubhangi Swaroop

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For the first time in history, a woman has been inducted as a Pilot in the Indian Navy. Shubhangi Swaroop today became the 1st ever woman pilot in Indian Navy. She hails from Uttar Pradesh (Bareilly) and will soon be flying Maritime Reconnaissance aircraft. A biotechnology engineer from VIT, Shubhangi is also a national taekwondo champion. Apart from making history, this achievement also holds personal value, for she has now followed in the footsteps of her father Gyan Swaroop, a serving Naval officer. She will undergo year-long training at Dundigal Air Force Academy near Hyderabad.

3 other women cadets, Astha Segal (New Delhi), Roopa A (Puducherry) and Sakthi Maya S (Kerala) are also in news by becoming India's 1st women officers at the Naval Armament Inspectorate (NAI) branch of the Navy, which is responsible for auditing and assessing the state of weapons and ammunition of the Navy. After their Naval Orientation course, all the four in their early 20s, had passed out of the Ezhimala Naval Academy at a glittering function attended by Naval chief Admiral Sunil Lanba. The female officers were from the Indian Navy, Indian Coast Guard and two overseas cadets.

Though Shubhangi is the first Naval woman pilot, the Navy’s Aviation branch has had women officers operating as air traffic control officers and as ‘observers’ in the aircraft who are responsible for communication and weapons.

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