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November 22, 2017

Model Letters for Exams : Letter describing the benefits of Yoga in Stress Management

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Write a letter to your cousin describing the benefits of Yoga in stress management. 

62A, Pocket - 5, 
Shanti Vihar
Madhya Pradesh
22 November, 2017

Dear Vaidehi,

I received a letter from your dad yesterday and was worried to know that you are stressed due to work pressure. 

There is a better way to cope with pressure and that is 'yoga'. Sometime back, I read some blogs explaining the advantages of yoga and how effective it is in dealing with stress. I would like to share a few of the benefits with you. It not only provides physical well-being but also contributes significantly towards attaining mental peace. After all, a piece of peace is everyone's right. Some of the activities, like controlled breathing, meditation, mental imagery and stretching actually prove to be extremely beneficial. There are multiple ways in which yoga can minimise the stress levels, meditation is what I will recommend you the most. It will help you to systemise your course of action. You ought to try this at least once.

Hope you would consider my recommendations. See you soon in a healthy frame of mind.

Yours Lovingly, 
shared by Nisheeta Mirchandani

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