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October 08, 2017

IBPS PO VII Prelims 2017 Review and Questions


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Review and Questions IBPS PO VII Prelims 2017

Reasoning Ability – Level – Moderate to high
  • coding(direct) – 5
  • Machine input – 5
  • Line Puzzle(2 rows 5 in each facing each other NS direction) – 5
  • Puzzle( Box, Ranking, week days and colours) – 15
  • Blood Relation - 2
  • Other – 3
Quantitative Aptitude – Level – Moderate
  • Approximation – 5
  • Inequality – 5
  • DI (2 sets- Pie and tabular) – 10
  • Misc – 15
English Language - Level – Moderate to high
  • RC (economy based) – 10
  • Spotting Errors – 10
  • Phrase Improvement – 10
  • Overall Level – Moderate
Good Attempts
  • Reasoning Ability – 23-25 Q
  • Quants – 18-23Q
  • English – 12-15Q
Expected cut off – 42-45

Questions Asked in TODAY's IBPS PO VII Preliminary Exam 2017 


Q. Word “YOURSELF” first of all vowels are arranged in alphabetical order then consonant are arranged alphabetically. After arrangement each letter in written with next alphabetical letter. Find the fourth letter from right ?
1. G
2. P
3. M
4. T
5. Z

Q. J is son of M. T is father of M. S is married to T. S has only one daughter. Y is daughter of N. How M is related to Y?
1. Aunt
2. Daughter
3. Uncle
4. Father
5. Nephew

Q. Alisha starts walking from point B to east, after walking for 15km she takes right turn and moves 14 km. she takes right turn and walks for 18km. finally she takes left turn and moves 14km to reach point T.
Neha starts walking from point R to North direction. After walking for 16km takes left turn and
then walks for 16km to reach point T.
Find Point B is in which direction from Point N?

Q. All members are facing north direction and sitting in a row. B is third to right of C. Two person gap between A and C. E is neighbor of A and sitting to the left end. D is second from the right end. Then find
1. how many member are in row if there are two members between D and J, who sits second
from right end?
2. B position wrt A?
List your wishes here – bh dx nr jc
Your health checkup due – ic bh ky tu
Checkup done here periodically – dx pv ky za
List health issues sincerely – tu qd nr lw

5 Ques were based on this …

Machine Input

44 ALOT YOU MEAN 86 77 FOR 36 59 DONE

In this first step highest number and letter is written in left side. In second step second highest letter and number is written in right side and so on.

1st step -> 86 You 44 Alot Mean 77 For 36 59 Done
2nd step -> 86 You 44 Alot For 36 59 Done Mean 77
3rd step -> 86 You 59 For 44 Alot 36 Done Mean 77
And so on……

5 Quest on this…..

Eight person are sitting in a circle some are facing inside while some outside. V sits third to left of T. there is gap of two person between V and Y. S sits second to the right of Y. Z is neighbor of S. Three person between Z and W. Neighbour of W face the same direction. X faces outside. W and Z face same direction as U. U sits third to the right of X, who is not the neighbor of V. V and Y face opposite direction. V’s neighbor faces opposite direction.

5 Quest based on this…


2 sets of DI ……
Pie chart was very simple……easy,
Tabular was little bit time consuming ……….moderate

INEQUALITY questions level was easy…..

APPROXIMATION questions was also easy ……doable in few minutes..

Shared by Chaitanya Siddeshwar
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