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September 17, 2017

September 2017 Current Affairs Quiz - Set 7

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Which city has topped the the 2017 Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI) ?

Which Indian city was ranked at 60th position in 2017 Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI) ?

International Day for South-South Cooperation is observed on ?

Name the renowned Indian Badminton legend, who was selected for the first life time award by Badminton Association of India ?

Bharat Financial Inclusion (BFIL) has recently entered into an exclusivity agreement with which private lender to evaluate a merger between the two companies ?

India recently signed an MOU for collaborative research in the field of silkworm and silk industries with which country ?

The International Astronomical Union (IAU) has named two mountain ranges on icy dwarf planet Pluto after Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary. What are they ?

The 2017 edition of the World Senior Badminton Championships was recently held at which Indian city ?

The President of Belarus is on two-day visit to India. Who is he ?

Who has won the US Open Men's Singles title 2017 ?

Who has won the US Open Women's Singles title 2017 ?

Who has won two US Open titles in 2017 ?

To bring in transparency in food safety inspection and sampling, food regulator Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has recently launched a nationwide online platform. Name it ?

The 2nd edition of India-Afghanistan Strategic Partnership Council was recently held at which Indian city ?

Starting October 1, the customers of Punjab National Bank (PNB) will be charged ₹________ per transaction beyond a limit of five times a month.

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