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August 11, 2017

August 2017 Current Affairs Quiz - Set 3

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Who has been recently appointed as the new Vice Chairman of NITI Aayog ?

India’s first private sector missile sub-systems manufacturing facility Kalyani Rafael Advanced Systems (KRAS) plant was recently inaugurated in ?

Who was recently appointed as the next US Ambassador to UK ?

Name the Bolllywood actor who was recently appointed as the brand Ambassador of Swachh Bharat Mission in UP ?

Which countries celebrate their Independence Day along with India on the same day (15th of August) ?

72nd anniversary of Hiroshima atomic bombing was recently observed on ?

Who has been recently appointed as the new Foreign Minister of Pakistan ?

A 30-year-old woman from Andhra Pradesh, made history after she became the youngest Boeing 777 female commander in the world. Who is she ?

The Kerala High Court recently lifted BCCI's lifetime ban imposed on which cricketer over the IPL 2013 spot-fixing case ?

Who was elected India's 15th Vice-President ?

ISRO and NASA are jointly working on a mission titled NISAR to co-develop and launch a dual frequency synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellite by 2021. Expand NISAR ?

Who has become the first Hindu to be inducted in Pakistan's cabinet of ministers in over 20 years ?

The 3rd National Handloom Day was observed on ?

Who is the Minister of Textiles ?

Starting from September, the PNB (Punjab National Bank) is going to charge customers for depositing cash above ₹__________ in non-base branches, even if these are located in the same city.

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