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May 20, 2017

Essays for IBPS PO 2017 - Ideas Rule the World

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Ideas Rule the World

"Everything you see and touch was once an invisible idea until someone chose to bring into being." 
Richard Bach
An idea is a thought or opinion related to something which may pop up randomly or after a brainstorming session. It can be spontaneous or situational. Ideas provide us with a platform to express our thoughts. We ought to be thankful for the discovery of fire which was an outcome of the idea of rubbing of two stones by the early man. This marked the beginning of a new era for the mankind. Most of the ideas are a result of some necessity or the need of human beings.

Necessity is the mother of invention. Technological inventions such as electricity, the internet, laptops, computers, and smart phones have been a boon for the society. All these have led to the evolution of the mankind at a rapid pace. Thanks to the smart ideas and the technological innovations because of them the world has actually shrunk. We have transcended the geographical boundaries and are virtually connected with each other all the time. In many cases, a single idea has given way to a string of connected ideas. Internet provided a platform to the social media, which has become an important marketing tool in today's time. 

An idea bears the fruit of hope and has the potential to bring about a change. These changes result in innovation, eventually leading to growth and development of the human civilisation. Some of the world's greatest inventions and innovations are the outcomes of an idea. Many a times the world has underestimated the potential of an idea but the great minds have proved the worth of their ideas with their splendid discoveries and inventions.

Only a good idea is not sufficient. One requires the conviction and vision to execute it. An individual's confidence is the lifeline of an idea. One needs to have faith in his idea. as an idea has the potential to change the world. A successful execution of an idea requires will power, perseverance, hard-working and diligence. 

The countries around the world have think tanks and the organisations are investing heavily in the terms of research and development. All this is done in order to provide a room for creative thinking. The new ideas, thus generated will lead to innovation and development.

India witnessed a technological revolution in the last two decades. It was the vision, faith, will-power and determination of some of the present day leaders in their ideas, that India has been able to perform remarkably well in the information technology sector. With science and technology touching the untouched horizons, it becomes important for the educational institutes, as well as the government to promote and nurture the indigenous research and development. Brilliant ideas backed by research and knowledge assure success. 

We are living in the world which is basking in the glory of some revolutionary ideas. This provides us with an insight into the potential of an idea. Unleashing and harnessing the power of ideas can help the countries and civilisations to take rapid strides towards development.

Difficult Words with Meanings :
  • Randomly proceeding or occuring without aim or reason
  • Spontaneous unprompted, unplanned
  • Evolution gradual development
  • Transcended rise above, surfaces
  • Conviction belief, opinion
  • Perseverance determination
  • Diligence careful and determined work
  • Indigenous original, native
  • Unleash release, unloose
  • Harness control and make use of
  • Strides make progress, get ahead.
shared by Nisheeta Mirchandani
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