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July 01, 2018

SBI PO Previous Papers : English Language - Phrase Replacement (Set 1)

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Directions (1-15) : Which of the phrases (1), (2),(3) and(4) given below should replace the phrase given in bold in the following sentence to make the sentence grammatically correct. If the sentence is correct as it is and no change is required, mark (5) as the answer. (Asked in SBI PO Exam. 09.01.2005) 

1. The military has highly sophisticated simulators on which soldiers train.
  1. which soldiers training on
  2. on which soldiers have trains
  3. which the soldiers do train
  4. on which the soldiers have been train
  5. No change required
2. Any policy of social welfare will be likely to face resistance from vested interests.
  1. would be like facing
  2. will be likely facing
  3. is likely to face
  4. is likely to be facing with
  5. No change required 
3. The key to a competitive economy is its investment regime.
  1. in its invested regime
  2. in its investment regime
  3. investment of its regime
  4. investment in its regime
  5. No change required
4. The honourable court had taken a lenient view because the accused have not previous conviction.
  1. had no previous conviction
  2. had not previously convicted
  3. had not been previous convictions
  4. had no previously convicted
  5. No change required
5. Our foreign exchange reserves have increased substantial.
  1. have been increased substantially
  2. have increased substantially
  3. have substantially increasing
  4. have been substantial in in-crease
  5. No change required
6. In the early centuries of the second millennium B.C., people speaking strange dialects akin to that of India, moved in northern Iraq and Syria.
  1. akin to those
  2. akin to that in
  3. akin to those into
  4. keen to those of
  5. No change required 
7. It is becoming equally clear that reforestation will have little chance until people realise its importance.
  1. has become equal and clear
  2. has become equally clear
  3. has become clearly equal
  4. is becoming clearly equal
  5. No change required
8. Once the event is over, many people claim credit for success and disowning the responsibility for failure.
  1. of success and disowning
  2. for success but disowning
  3. for success but disown
  4. for success while disowned
  5. No change required
9. When sharks approach divers, they usually did so warily.
  1. as usual did so warily
  2. usually did so wary
  3. usually are doing so wary
  4. usually do so warily
  5. No change required
10. We observed that the rug dealers were primary dedicated to the art of selling rugs.
  1. were primarily dedicated
  2. had primary been dedicated
  3. had been dedicated primary
  4. were being primary dedication
  5. No change required
11. The real wonder is that the Egyptians while constructing pyramids possessed only the simplest hand tools.
  1. were possessed only by simple
  2. had possession of only simpler
  3. possess only the simplest
  4. were possessing the only simplest
  5. No change required
12. The government should have launch such projects which would reverse the destructive cycle of flood and drought.
  1. must be launching
  2. should launch
  3. should have been launched
  4. must have been launched
  5. No change required
13. To practice any art properly require extraordinarily patience — especially at the beginning.
  1. required extraordinarily patient
  2. requires extraordinary patience
  3. requiring extraordinary patience
  4. requiring extraordinarily patient
  5. No change required
14. A committee comprising imminent experts from various fields was set up.
  1. comprising of imminent
  2. comprising into eminent
  3. consisting of imminent
  4. comprising eminent
  5. No change required
15. The dinner party hoisted by the President of the club was cancelled due to some unforeseen problem.
  1. hosted with
  2. hoisted with
  3. hoisted for
  4. hosted by
  5. No change required
Directions (16-25) : Which of the phrases (1), (2), (3) and (4) given below should replace the phrase given in bold in the following sentence to make the sentence grammatically correct ? If the sentence is correct as it is and no change is required, mark (5) as the answer. (Asked in SB1 PO Exam. 28.11.2008) 

16. They didn't pay any heed to their superior's instructions : I did neither.
  1. I either did
  2. Either I did not
  3. Neither didn't I
  4. Nor did I
  5. No change required
17. Every poet gives voice to his anger and his compassion through his poems.
  1. voiced to give
  2. gives voice for
  3. gave voice against
  4. voiced at giving
  5. No change required
18. The police nabbed a notorious criminal who had been terrorising builders and extorted money from them for the past two years.
  1. was terrorising builders and extorted
  2. had not been terrorised builders and extorted
  3. had been terrorising builders and extorting
  4. had terrorised builders and extorted
  5. No change required
19. Managers frequently encounter situations where they need to help others solved problems.
  1. to helping others solved
  2. help others solve
  3. to help others solve
  4. help others solving
  5. No change required
20. From among various alternatives we should choose the one which is viable and consumes less time and energy.
  1. is viable and consumes lesser
  2. is viability and consumes less
  3. being viable and consumes less
  4. has viable and consuming less
  5. No change required
21. We are looking forward for good rains this year.
  1. are looking forward to
  2. have looked forward for
  3. have been looking forward at
  4. should look forward with
  5. No change required
22. There is full justification to close down the units which are neither profitable nor serving any social cause.
  1. which are not profitable or serve
  2. which have neither profitable nor serving
  3. which have neither profitable nor serve
  4. which are neither profitable nor serve
  5. No change required
23. Please take delivery of the material and acknowledgement at the earliest.
  1. send acknowledging at the earliest
  2. acknowledge at the earliest
  3. acknowledge the earliest
  4. early acknowledgement
  5. No change required
24. The Officer had triggered a controversy by charging his superiors by ignoring his warning.
  1. by charging his superiors with ignoring
  2. with charging his superiors by ignoring
  3. by charging his superiors after ignored
  4. for charging his superiors on ignoring
  5. No change required
25. Had we been alone we would have contended ourselves with any plain food that give us strength.
  1. that gives us strength
  2. that gave us strength
  3. which give us strength
  4. which give strength to us
  5. No change required
Directions (26-30) : Which of the phrases (1), (2), (3), and,(4) given below should replace the phrase given in bold in the following sentence grammatically correct. If the sentence is correct as it is & no change is required, mark (5) as the answer. (Asked in  SBI Associate Banks PO Exam. 07.01.2007)

26. He went to the blast site to save his colleague who was stranding there.
  1. had been stranded
  2. had to strand
  3. was being stranding
  4. was been stranding
  5. No change required 
27. When I receive the letter, the date for the interview was already over.
  1. I received the letter
  2. the letter I had received
  3. I had to receive letter
  4. I was receiving
  5. No change required
28. Everyone is requested to attend the dinner party hosted by the president.
  1. is requesting to
  2. is requested to
  3. will request to
  4. is to requested to
  5. No change required
29. The chairman approved the recommendations to the committee with partial modifications
  1. by the committee for
  2. of the committee with
  3. to the committee
  4. at the committee in
  5. No change required 
30. Had the opportunity been given to him he will have proved successful
  1. will have to prove
  2. will be proving
  3. would have proved
  4. would have proven
  5. No change required 
Directions (31-35) : In each question below, a part is printed in bold. It may contain an error. If so, find out which of the phrases (1), (2), (3) and given below should replace the part printed in bold in the following sentence to make the 6entence grammatically meaningful and correct. If the sentence is correct as it is and `no change is required', mark(5) as the answer. (Asked in SBI PO Exam. 27.04.2008) 

31. When they start investigating, several irregularities were detected.
  1. started investigate
  2. started an investigation
  3. start investigation
  4. started off investigation
  5. No change required
32. You must be stopped these undesirable activities immediately.
  1. must have been stopped
  2. may have been stopped
  3. might have been stopped
  4. must stop
  5. No change required 
33. Farmers in our country suffer because of an over dependence on rain and the threat to natural calamities like floods.
  1. threat of natural calamities
  2. threat against natural calamities
  3. threatened due to natural calamity
  4. natural calamities threatened
  5. No change required
34. Automation in agriculture and farm management is considered a boon but in fact, it is not true as they lid to more unemployment.
  1. it lids to more employment
  2. they lead to more employment
  3. they lead to more unemployment
  4. it leads to more unemployment
  5. No change required
35. The agricultural sector deserves more attention than the industrial sector in our country. 
  1. deserves attention more
  2. deserving more attention
  3. deserve more attention
  4. deserve to be attended more
  5. No change required
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