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March 28, 2017

Tips to prepare for Quantitative Aptitude Test for Bank Exams

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Tips to prepare for Quantitative Aptitude Test 

Start from the basics : There is no set syllabus that you can strictly follow, in general. But if a particular test appraises you of the topics included, then stick to that. Otherwise go back to the basics of Mathematics, however easy you may think it to be. Follow your academic syllabus so that you can cover all major topics. 

Concentrate on fundamentals : The basic concepts of the topics involved should be absolutely clear. Take guidance from your teacher or friend if you get stuck on a particular topic. Do not leave any topic, even if it seems relatively unimportant, as questions can be asked from anywhere. Revise the concepts as and when possible.


Various entrance exams conduct Quantitative Aptitude as one of the papers. Try to solve previous year's papers and also model papers of these exams. This will help acquaint with pattern and structure of questions set. 

The key mantra to success is extensive practice and speed. Calculations of some of the problems can be quite lengthy and time is a major factor during the exams. Practice a lot to acquire speed. Look in the silly mistakes committed earlier and try to improve them. 

Take a systematic approach

First solve the practice questions topic wise and later attempt an entire paper. In the beginning you can solve the problems using conventional methods. Later, try out your own shortcut methods to increase speed. But be alert not to jump crucial steps which might confine you later. 

Memorise important formulas, theorems and tables

Quantitative Aptitude includes a lot of formulas, theorems, tables, etc. Write down the important ones that you need to memorise on a sheet of paper. Keep it handy to that you can glance at it any time. Practice a lot to get familiar with them. Practice common square root and cube root problems to quickly solve during exam.

Caution : Many of us lose marks due to overconfidence. Read and understand the data provided in the question carefully, before jumping to answer the question. Some questions are designed to be misleading, and proper understanding of the requirements is a must.

Shared by : Shravan Varma Gadhiraju
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