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March 28, 2017

Success Story of MD.Intshamuddin (RRB V Scale 1 Officer)

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Name - MD.Intshamuddin

Qualification - MCA 

From - Begusarai (Bihar)

Selected in - RRB officer scale 1 Karnataka Vikas Grameena Bank

Dear friends,

It’s a long post as it’s really a long journey with lots of Ups and Downs, please don’t use harsh language in comments section for long post.

I started writing exams when I was doing my MCA from NIT Jamshedpur but I was not at all serious and was not preparing for exams with a proper strategy. There was a reason for not being serious as I got placed through on-campus and joined Infosys 4.6 years back. Things were going fine and in the mean time I met a girl during my training period in Infosys and became really close which was a biggest mistake of my life, I forgot everything about my career being in a relationship with her but after spending a whopping 2.5 years I came to know that this relationship is not going anywhere and I stopped talking to her completely and blocked her everywhere. It was really a difficult task for me to come out of that situation which took me around 3-4 months .Then my serious preparation started in Apr 2015, I started following gr8ambitionz daily, bought olive board mock tests unfortunately missed many exams by 0.25-2.5 marks range but I never lost hope, deep down I was knowing I am not at the bottom, I am in the zone which used to encourage me to continue my preparation. It’s never easy to prepare for any exams while working in a private/IT company but I had set my goal that I have to do something in life then I have to get a govt. job, working in IT sector was temporary for me as I was not enjoying my life.

Exams written so far and their results :
  • SSC 2010 → cleared pre failed in mains
  • IBPS PO 2010 →cleared the written but didn’t get any call from bank
  • SSC 2011 →cleared pre failed in mains
  • FCI AG-iii(Accounts) →qualified but did not go for Doc Verification as I was not from Bcom. background.
  • IBPS PO 2011 → failed in written by 3 marks
  • SSC 2012 → cleared pre and mains(Statistical investigator post) bothà didn’t go for Interview because my marks was 5-6 above the cutoff and training was going in Infosys I thought , will prepare well next time and get good job which was my biggest mistake, I could have got 6-7 states on that marks itself.
  • IBPS PO 2012 →did not clear the written exam
  • SSC 2013 →cleared pre failed in mains
  • IBPS PO 2013 →missed by 2 marks
  • SSC 2014 →cleared pre failed in mains
  • SSC 2015 →cleared pre failed in mains
  • SBI PO 2015 →failed in mains by 0.5 marks → serious preparation started here
  • IBPS PO 2015 →missed final selection by 2 marks
  • IBPS RRB scale 2 officer →missed written by 0.50 marks
  • IBPS SO 2015 →missed final selection by 2.5 marks
  • RBI Grade B 2015 →cleared Pre, failed in mains
  • SSC 2016 →failed in pre by 3 marks
  • SBI 2016 pre → missed by 0.25 marks
  • FCI (AG-iii)(General) → selected for south region but did not join as I was waiting for any officer post to join.
  • IBPS PO 2016 →failed in Eng section in mains
  • IBPS SO 2016  → failed by 6 marks
  • RBI Grade B officer 2016 →cleared pre, failed in mains
  • Nabard Assistant Manager →missed mains by 10 marks
  • IBPS RRB PO 2016 → selected in Karnataka Vikas Grameena Bank
  • Waiting for some other results as well, will share the details once I get the final result.

One can see the number of exams written by me and my struggle, my only suggestion to aspirants would be “not to give up” whatever situation you are into. You keep practicing/studying you day will come for sure, for some it comes easily for others it takes some time which happened in my case as well .
Zindagi chalte rahne ka naam hai ye ruk gayi to jinda insaan bhi kisi kaam ka nahi
Insaan me bhookh hamesha honi chahiye aage badhne ki, aisa nahi k ek chhoti si job mil gayi wahin apne aap ko satisfied samajh ke kisi tarah guzara kar rahe hain, agar wo cheez hoti to Ambani ko kya zaroorat thi petroleum plant lagane ki Bangladesh mein aur kisi dusre desh mein bhi, unke paas utna paisa hai ke unki 10 pust tak log aaram se baithke kha sakte hain”.

That is the different thing I got success after a lot of struggle but I learnt a lot from my previous experiences. i studied economics and finance for RBI grade B exam, agriculture and rural development for Nabard exam, GA for all the exams, statistics for SSC .I have done B.Sc(H) Maths so my maths was above average , did MCA so computer is also good. One should not study only to clear the exams, one should study to acquire knowledge, to become versatile so that if any discussion is going on anywhere one should be able to talk at least on any of the topic for 15-20 minutes that’s my understanding. GK used to be my weakest section some 2 years back but now I enjoy reading GKs even though I don’t have any upcoming exams. I could happily enjoy my life in IT industry but I still remember Jack Ma’s line which he said in an interview  →

 “A person’s passion is defined by the work done by him/her from the time utilized during the period (the time he/she leaves office and the time he/she enters the office again next morning)”. That’s what I did, working in company for 9-10 hours, after being tired that much I used to manage studying for 2-3 hours daily.

One can work in different industry but one should not lose the passion of his life, even though I was working in IT industry I never got a KICK for which I was waiting, the KICK for me was: - to get a Govt. Job as Private industry is never safe once recession starts even top performers don’t feel safe in the company.

Last but not the least : - Have faith in yourself, try to work on your weakest section and improve in that section, never get scared of a particular section because in most of the exams now a days you need to clear all the sections not the total overall score.

If anyone wants to reach out to me, you can send a mail to I would be glad to help you in whichever way I could help.

Thanks & Regards,
Md. Intshamuddin
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