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March 12, 2017

Gr8 Topic of the Day - Should we Execute all Rapists & Terrorists instantly ?

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Today's topic - Should we Execute all Rapists & Terrorists instantly ?

Points in Favor of the Execution :
  • They do not have the right to live and they deserve to die as soon as they are caught. There should not be any second thoughts before deciding their fate. 
  • The have become fearless because they know that rather than being hanged to death they will have to face investigative procedures if caught. During this time they might even have the chance to prove themselves innocent in the courts.
  • If we don't kill them as soon as possible, it will give negative signals to remaining people. It may encourage others to do the same. 
  • If we  immediately hanged to death then others might learn a lesson and not pursue this evil path. 
  • Prevention is better than cure. You should eliminate bad things from society before spreading to others.  
  • Once caught, they should be awarded punishment immediately without waiting years for the court to announce its verdict because there is a strong chance that if they stay in Jail, they might find a way to get out as there is no doubt that these terrorists have strong links with the higher authorities. 
Points Against the Execution :
  • Death penalty is morally wrong. 
  • Sometimes the innocent suffer due to misunderstandings. You can't get back his life if it is proven that he is not guilty.
  • Everybody has the right to live. You can't kill anybody.
  • Killing won't solve problem. We should find the root cause of terrorism. Why is a person willing to risk his life to kill innocent people? What is the motivating factor behind it ? etc.
  • No person is bad. People commit crimes based on their social environment and the people they associate with. You can change them with good environment and good words.
Please share your views on this issue. What do you say ? Should we hang all Rapits & Terrorists instantly ? or you feel An Eye for an Eye Will Make the Whole World Blind ?

For the sake of new participants, here are the rules to participate
  • If you find some grammatical error, point it politely. Don't make fun of it.
  • Respect the other candidates. Please don't use abusive language. 
  • None of you are allowed to share or ask any personal details here.
  • Don’t write stuff like “You are getting repetitive”, “Your English is not good” or “Will you do fraandship with me ?” etc.  We are here to learn, please don't forget it.  
  • Please keep in mind that we are doing this to improve our knowledge and English writing skills. Nobody is perfect. So, don't hesitate to write whatever you feel is correct.
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