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March 17, 2017

Gr8 Topic of the Day - Should Pakistan actors be banned in India ?

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Today's topic - Should Pakistan actors be banned in India ?

Following Uri attack and our soldier’s well executed retaliation with a surgical strike, one debate has been more prominent, even more than the strike and counter strike actions. All has faded but the one debate continues on whether Pakistani actors and singers working and earning fortunes in our country need to be kicked out.

The film fraternity has been divided into two with one side supporting that the artists must be kept out of political dramas and the other side outraging that these anti-national elements need to be thrown out since they have no sympathy for our nationals and martyrs killed at the hands of the terrorists residing in their nation.

Points Supporting the Ban on Pakistani artists :

  • It is to be noted that Pakistani Artists like Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan and Ali Zafar were the ones to denounce terror attacks in Paris but they kept mum when it came to offering condolence to the victims of Pathankot and Uri. It clearly shows that though they earn their bread in our country while staying safe due to our soldiers, they have no empathy for the lost lives of Indians.
  • Our fellow citizens, actors and even politicians condemned the Peshawar attack on the school that killed hundreds of children. Even those who openly bear enmity to Pakistan stood against the cruelty. Why is it any different for the Pakistanis to do that when our soldiers were killed and innocent lives were lost?
  • Soldiers fighting at the borders is their duty towards their motherland but what about our duties? As the citizens of a country whose people and soldiers have bled at the hands of mindless terrorism from this sadistic nation, we need to do our own peaceful but powerful protest. Banning them is not spreading hatred, but showing that we care more for the lives of our soldiers than our love for the artists.
  • The best example among many Indian movies banned in Pakistan is Phantom. JuD chief and Mumbai attack mastermind Hafiz Saeed filed a plea against the movie and Pakistan was quick to act like the good pet it is to terrorists. They cannot stand the truth against a terror group. How does is come upon India to provide employment to Pakistani actors and artists? You ban our movies, we ban your artists.
  • When we want a global isolation of the terror breeding country, Pakistan, we need to remember to begin the charity at home first. We need to send back their artists to send a strong message to the whole world that we are very much serious about the global isolation and not just into some family drama where we fight and make up.
  • It would have been understandable if they were asked to speak against Pakistan and they refused. Essel Group chairman Subash Chandra approached the Pakistani actors and asked them to simply condemn the terror attacks but they straightaway denied. Are they so aware of the fact that terrorism is actually synonymous of their nation Pakistan ?
Points Against the Bank on Ban on Pakistani artists :
  • It is unfortunate that all this kicking out actors and singers are somewhere diverting the main agenda of stressing on the need to keep retaliating with Pakistan. One counter strike is definitely not enough to maintain pressure. The terror outfits needs to be tracked all the time and shown their right place, despite Pakistan being unhappy about it.
  • There are so many other ways in which India is still dealing and trading with Pakistan. We love their lawn fabric to the core. We are all for their Coke Studio music. Are we talking to severing all ties? No? It is only the actors who have nothing to do with politics and diplomacy that are being made scapegoats of.
  • They have families living back at Pakistan, a nation which is not known for its understanding and compassion. It is clear that the artists are silent only because they do not want to risk the lives of their dear ones and also face hatred and life threatening welcome in their country. They should not be judged based on their silence.
What's your take on this issue ? Why should Pakistani actors and singers be banned in India ? or Why should we not link the Patriotism and Art ? Please justify your answer. 

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