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March 10, 2017

Gr8 Topic of the Day - National Anthem Before Movie

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Thank you so much for this really wonderful response to our new initiative "Gr8 Topic of the day". We have got around 37 responses (as of now) to yesterday's discussion.  Almost all of the responses are dignified, to the point, well versed and well written without any major grammatical errors. These are highly appreciated. We thank all the aspirants who have participated and made it a healthy argument. Let's have a look at today's topic.

Today's topic - National Anthem Before Movie

To “instill a feeling within one a sense of committed patriotism and nationalism”, recently the supreme Court announced that all cinema halls across the country should compulsorily play the national anthem before the screening of films and that everyone present at the hall must stand up in respect till the national anthem ended. Meanwhile, the national flag should be displayed on the screen while the national anthem is being played. This ruling has triggered a fierce debate and stoked passions.

Some people say , "Standing up for National Anthem is showing unity towards the country. It fills with pride and reminds us of sovereignty of our country. If we can stand at many other place for our personal need, we can easily spare 2 minutes for our beloved land. Respecting national anthem is a basic responsibility of every Indian citizen".

Some others say "Nobody becomes a patriot just by standing at attention when National Anthem is being played. Most people go to cinema to relax and to get entertained. Let people relax. Why expect people to forcefully demonstrate patriotism when it is not required?"

Now we want you to share your views on this issue. What do you say ? Should the national anthem be played in cinema halls? Is it a good move ?

For the sake of new participants, here are the rules to participate

  • If you find some grammatical error, point it politely. Don't make fun of it.
  • Respect the other candidates. Please don't use abusive language. 
  • None of you are allowed to share or ask any personal details here.
  • Don’t write stuff like “You are getting repetitive”, “Your English is not good” or “Will you do fraandship with me ?” etc.  We are here to learn, please don't forget it.  
  • Please keep in mind that we are doing this to improve our knowledge and English writing skills. Nobody is perfect. So, don't hesitate to write whatever you feel is correct.
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