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February 01, 2017

Professional Knowledge Questions asked in IBPS Marketing Officer Exam 2017

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IBPS Marketing Officer Exam, 2017 Questions

  1. Acid test- Brand loyality
  2. Advantage of any company-Core Competency
  3. Age ,Religion,Ethenicity,geography comes under- Culture/Subculture
  4. All product are heterogenous -is a segmentation theory
  5. Any slogan or phrase is- tagline
  6. ATM comes under- Place Mix
  7. B2B is _______ B2C in market share -
  8. Banks comes under _micro environment 
    • Explain=3 environment Macro, micro, Internal , Macro- PESTEL Micro- Supplier,Customer, market intermediates, Financers (Banks),Public
  9. Barter is an Exchange (without money)
  10. Brand Extension - using Previous brand name in new product
  11. Buzz marketing - Viral marketing
  12. Commoditization - Goods are treated as a comodity on price
  13. Credit card - Target group -Individual with taxable income
  14. Customization- action of modifying something to suit a particular individual
  15. Displaying important information- Labelling
  16. Expansion of product awareness under- Introduction stage
  17. for exchange 2 people for market 3 people
  18. For safety/protection of a brand -Trademark is used(Comes under intellectual property)
  19. Gender comes under- Demographic environment
  20. Good consumer service comes under- Service Marketing
  21. Idea screening is a stage of screening of idea
  22. Indian ka buying behavior - Bargain or complex or augmented not sure
  23. Industrial product is differentiated- on the basis of its use
  24. Lead generation- creating initiation of customer interest
  25. Liquuar and Cigarrate -Sarrogate Advertisement hoti hai
  26. Low cost marketing yield max result - Guirrilla marketing
  27. Market orientation firms- focuses on customers
  28. Market space
  29. Marketing =long term selling =short term
  30. MOS= Margin of safety - is the difference between the intrinsic value of a stock and its market price
  31. MRTP =Monopolistic and restrictive trade practice
  32. Newsletter ,Catalog comes under - promotion
  33. Package is identification through which brand can be identified
  34. Performance exceeds expectations -Augmented product
  35. Personality Advertisement - a kind of associative group
  36. PLC stage - sustain nahi hoga
  37. Purpose of segmentation -identify the difference of behavior
  38. Radio Advertisement- Mass Reach
  39. Service durable nahi perishable hoti hai
  40. supply> Demand =buyers market
  41. SWOT -Strength, weekness,oppertunity,threat
  42. The quality of being able to be reached- Accessibility
  43. TQM- Total quality management
  44. Trade promotion ,Retail support comes under -push strategy
  45. Untapped segment of speciality - Niche
  46. USP - unique selling proposition
  47. Visiting Bank in Dubai is not a product - ha ha kya option hai
  48. Which is not under 4 C- Creativity
  49. Which one is marketing channel - Retail outlet
  50. Win Win Marketing
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