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February 15, 2017

One Word Substitutions - Lesson 10

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Friends, this is the 10th Lesson of our One Word Substitutions lesson series. Today we are giving you 20 one word substitutes of the letter 'I'. Read and practice well. Happy Reading :)

One Word Substitutes Practice Test - 10

  • Someone who is famous and regarded as a symbol of a particular idea.
    • icon (noun)
  • Someone who condemns established customs or beliefs
    • iconoclast (noun)
  • Something that is perfect
    • ideal (noun)
  • Theory that believes in the achievement of perfect life, though it is not possible
    • idealism (noun)
  • Imagine or form an idea
    • ideate (verb)
  • Recognize something or somebody 
    • identify (verb)
  • (Said or done) in a hostile way
    • icily (adverb)
  • Someone whose thoughts and beliefs are influenced by a set of principles
    • ideologue (noun)
  • A set of principles on which a system is based
    • ideology (noun)
  • Behavior that is stupid and ridiculous  
    • idiocy (noun)
  • A group of words that together have a different meaning
    • idiom (noun)
  • Behaving in a unusual way
    • idiosyncratic (adjective)
  • Someone who is very lazy and prefers not to work 
    • idler (noun)
  • The practice of worshiping idols 
    • idolatry (noun)
  • Beautiful and peaceful without any problems
    • idyllic (adjective)
  • Make something burn
    • ignite (verb)
  • Making one feel ashamed 
    • ignoble (adjective)
  • The act of being put to shame in public and losing honour 
    • ignominy (noun)
  • Someone who lacks enough knowledge 
    • ignoramus (noun)
  • Not allowed by the existing law
    • illegal (adjective)
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