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February 08, 2017

IBPS PO VI Interview Experience - Sakravarthy

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Hi I am Sakravarthy S. I would like to share my interview experience of IBPS PO VI conducted on 07.02.2017 panel number :3 ,morning :8.30 A.M 

I arrived the iob regional head office Chennai at 8.00 a.m , I am the first member to attend interview , after biometric and document verification , i am waiting for my turn suddenly the bell rang ,

Me:i went in front of the door and open the door ask may i come in sir ,there are four male members and one lady ,
M1:ya come in and take your seat
Me:i said good morning mam and good morning to everyone sir and i said thank you for me to sit
M1:tell me about yourself
me:answered properly and i said my hometown is namakkal
M2:what are famous in  namakkal
me:poultry and lorry industries sir
m1:oh poultry do u know about layer and broiler types

me :sorry sir i dont know about that
m2:ok who fix the egg price
me: sorry sir i forgot it
m1:u said your role model is raghuram rajan , why u say him
me : i prepared for that and i said he predict the the 2008 economic crisis
m1:2008 economic crisis was happened in america and why it is called world crisis
me:i said i dont know sir
m1:why u prefer bank after completing your engineering
me:answered but they are not satisfied
m1:you are a civil engineer , do you know about the moulivakkam building collapse
me :ya i know it sir
m1: why the building collapsed /what is the reason
me :i said but there are not satisfied
m1 :who replace the mr.raghuram rajan sir
me:mr.urjit patel sir
mi:who is our deputy governor :
me mr.n.s vishwanathan,mr.viral acharya , mr r.s gandhi sir
m1:for long days bank is facing one problem what is that
me:i thinking one member helped me do you know about bad loan
m1: immediately i answered non performing assets sir
me:what is non performing assets
m1:i answered
m1:what is CTS
me: i said cheque truncation system
m1:what are the advantages?
me : i answered 2 or 3 points
m1: you said your hobby is playing badminton ,who won in rio olympics
me::pv sindhu
m1: she won gold or bronze medal
me :sir she won silver medal
m1: oh ok chakravarthi you can go now all the best .
me :i said thank you sir and mam

This is my interview experience i wish you all the best for others , i finished my duty and the rest in god's hand, thank you gr8 team  

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