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February 05, 2017

IBPS PO VI Interview Experience 2017

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Name : Priya

Place : Hyderabad, Andhra Bank Office 

Date of interview : 3-02-17

Time : 8:30 AM

As it was the mng session and also as my name was first in the list document verification was completed very fast and even biometrics part went smoothly all this completed by 9:15

And now they sent me to the down floor where interview will be held, and then I had waited till 9-50 to enter the room where the big challenge takes place

I was first person of the day to be interviewed

There were 4members in the panel f -1 and 3 males
All are around 45 and above
Knock knock
May I come in sir
Yes u may come in
Me: Gd mng mam gd mng sir
Everybody: Gd mng pls take ur seat
Me:thanq sir
M1:He asked many casual random qstns like name, graduation stream, native place, father occupation and what have u been doing after graduation till now?
Me:Sir I'm preparing for bank exams
M1:Why not core?
Me:Sir my area of interest is in banking than on my core sector
M1:He asked about one core qstn which I couldn't recall now
Me:Sorry sir I don't have an idea about that
M1:What is the savings account interest rate ?
Me:Sir it is 4%
M1:If u deposit 10000 for a year in a savings account what is the interest u get ?
Me:Sir it is 40 rupees
And now M2:What is an NPA
Me:An asset which ceases to generate income to the lender over a certain period of time sir
M2:How much period
Me:Actually it is 90 but as I was nervous I said sir above 60days
M2:How can we recover npas?
Me:Sir by sarfaesi act , and told its abbreviation, and about to say about doubtful asset ,lost asset and he said ,OK that's all not needed
And now m3:What are the documents needed and what is the process for a company to open an account ?
Me:As he said particularly for a company , I was not sure because it might be wrong, and I said sir generally they need proof of address and identity but as u ask for a company I'm not so sure about that sir ,sorry sir
F1: What is beti bachao beti padao scheme, and when and why is it launched, and by whom?
Me:Ma'am it was started by narendra modi ji,the objective of the scheme is mainly to save girl child and to give them proper and minimum education to lead a good career ahead, as many girl chirldreb are being made to get married in early age without proper education modi ji started this to promote girl child education and to save them ...
Actually I can talk so much about that topic but I was nervous so I ended up with limited matter
Then they said thanq u may leave and all the best, u have breakfast in the down floor, have it and leave,
Me:Thanq so much sir, have a good day mam have a good day sir
Interview lasted for 13min and that's it guys

My Suggestion : Do prepare about ur core, and they didn't ask me anything about budget as I was expecting qstns from that
All the best to all of u who is about to face the last phase of the challenge

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