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February 08, 2017

IBPS PO Interview Experience - Ajay

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Name - Ajay

Interview Date : 07/02/2017

Interview Time : 8:30 AM

Place - Bhopal

Reached the venue at 8:15 am, Document verification went smoothly first thumb verify then document verification. DV completed at 9.30 and called for interview.

Open the door and ask for permission to enter wished them good morning they were 5member (4male and 1 female) they allow me to sit. Then interview started

M1- Kaha se he aap
Me - Ans
M1- padhai kaha ki he
Me - ans
M1 - interview ke liye kya padh ke aye ho.
Me - current affair and banKing
M1 - latest news batao current affair me
Me - ans (i told about Tamilnadu CM and budget)
M1 - tell me the allocation for banks in budget
Me - ans

And then some ques like what ur father do, do u have agriculture land, where is ur home when graduation completed etc.
M1 - how many type of risk bank face
Me - ans
M1 - Basel Define Karo
Me - ans
Then M2 asked is there a dam in ur hometown and kon Si river pe he and kis use me ata he Etc.
Then comes M3 he noticed i told political news in g.a so Sir started ques on politics as
kin rajyo me chunav ho rahe he ,election me kitne percent voting huyi punjab and goa me..  UP me kab vote dalege and hamara constitution kab bana samvidhan ko banne me kitna time laga and samvidhan ki prastavna me kya he i answered all the ques related with politics.
Then mam aksed about payment bank, how many payment bank started i answered both the ques.
Now m3 asked about CIBIL i answered him.
Thats it interview over , it went for around 15 min..
they wished me all the best i said thanku and leave !!

Hope For Good !!

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