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January 28, 2017

Today's IBPS SO (IT) Officers VI Online Exam Review

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Good Evening,

Iam Madhan, Working for Canara Bank as clerk. Here I am sharing Today IBPS SO (IT officer) exam review

Date : 28/Jan/2017 

Shift : Second 1 PM

Some of the asked questions in professional knowledge section

1.A special field value distinct ,blank or any other value that indicates the value for the field is missing otherwise best defined as.......(My answer Null value)
2.whose value unique across all occurrences.... (Primary key)
3.VPN  appers in which layer....
4.TCP/IP operates which answer is (TCP )
5. in which Data base a set of tables that are composed as rows and columns.... ( Relational Database)
6.CIDR prefix rotation subnet mask
7.communication standard used for transfer of pages...?(file transfer protocol)
8.How well computer and computer communicate without human intervention called as...?
Options internetwork, protocol
9.suppose your company expanding globally which network you required?
Options are... LAN,wan,man...
10.Java modifier which is true?
11.Each record DBMS cantians_______ an entity key?
12. How cost time,personal are assigned to different phase of system delovement project called as....?.(maintenance)
13. Data dictionary stores...?
14.Data mining detecting...... ?
15.largest and cable used to get connectivity globally... (Fiber optics)
16. Memory used in CPU register?
Options are DRAM, SRAM, RAM,ROM
17.Middle ware programmings are..?
18.process of mobile phone  power button and volume down button pressing called as...?
1.A standard reset
2.factory reset
3.noramal reset
19. One question documentation and rrequirement analysis?
20.UNIX related questions directory,CD, LS, mkdir, rmdir..?

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