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December 20, 2016

One Word Substitutions - Lesson 3

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Friends, this is the 3rd lesson of our One Word Substitutions lesson series. Today we are giving you 20 one word substitutes of the letter 'B'. Read and practice well. Happy Reading :)

One Word Substitutes Practice Test - 3

  •  A person who mainly thinks about money and possessions
    • babbitt (noun)
  • Confused talking that is difficult to understand
    • babble (noun)
  • Take care of babies / children in the absence of their parents
    • baby-sit (verb)
  • Critical and unpleasant talk about someone in their absence 
    • backbiting (noun)
  • The process of passing information secretly
    • backchannel (noun)
  • Put a date that is earlier than the present date 
    • backdate (verb)
  • Indulging in secret and indirect means to achieve an object 
    • backdoor (adjective)
  • Have a risky opposite effect than the one intended 
    • backfire (verb)
  • Having a meaning that is not intended 
    • backhanded (adjective)
  • A negative reaction that is strong
    • backlash (noun)
  • Work that was to have been completed but is pending 
    • backlog (noun)
  • The process in which people praise one another loudly
    • backslapping (noun)
  • Act of pretending to be someone's friend and criticizing them in their absence 
    • backstabbing (noun)
  • Change opinion or statement when there is pressure from someone
    • backtrack (verb)
  • Extra support that one gets when needed
    • backup (noun)
  • Utter unpleasant things about someone 
    • bad-mouth (verb)
  • Confuse someone totally
    • baffle (verb)
  • The process of giving money to someone who is in serious financial problem
    • bailout (noun)
  • A person or thing used to attract someone 
    • bait (noun)
  • Not hiding one's dishonest behavior
    • bald-faced (adjective)
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