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December 23, 2016

Gr8 Motivational Story of the Day - 1

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Hi friends, I am Ankita Sahni. Currently working in Vijaya Bank, Hyderabad. I am going to start a new initiative in Gr8AmbitionZ. This is not related to subject. I am going to share some motivational / inspiring stories from my collection. So, if you think it is just waste of your time, then you can skip this post. If you don't mind spending 4-5 minutes of your valuable time to get motivated, then please keep reading.

I feel, Every one of us need encouragement sometimes. Just like we need food for our body, we also need food for our spirit that comes as touching and motivational stories, they can give us power and and make us feel better. Hope that these stories will help you become inspired!

I will try to put together the best inspirational short stories, both real and fictional, to pull you from your slump, make you smile and inspire you. I am sure you will enjoy reading them. You can learn something from each story too. Happy Reading :)

Today's Story : Drop your Problems

It was exam time and the Professor knew that his students were stressed out. He decided to give them a motivational talk. He took a glass full of water and held it up.

"What will happen if I hold this glass for a few minutes ?", He asked the students. 

"Nothing" they replied.

"Ok. How much do you think this glass of water weights ?", he asked. 

There were several answers varying from 150 gm to 300 gm.

"Ok. So we are not sure about it, right ? Now what will happen if I hold it for a few hours at a stretch ?", he asked. 

"Your hand will begin to ache", replied the students. 

"Suppose I held it for a day ?"

"That would be impossible since your hand will turn numb with pain and cramps. You will need medication", said the students. 

"But did the weight of the glass change in all this while ?", the Professor asked. 

"No", said the students. 

"So what should I do to ease the pain or prevent it. If the weight did not increase then why do I get the pain ?" he asked.

The students were thoughtful for a while and then said, "You should put the glass down to get rid of the pain".

"Excellent. We need to look at the problems we face in actual life too just like this. The moment we hold on to our problems it starts giving us pain and until we decide to put it down by finding a solution for it, it will continue to be a burden on us. If you keep thinking of your problems for a while they seem ok. But if you were to ponder over them the whole day then they are bound to stress you out. Remember to drop away all your problems at the end of the day. Only then can you sleep well and wake up fresh to face the next day with new energy and vigour. Same with your studies. Handle them everyday in an organized way and exams won't ever seem to be such a huge headache. But if you accumulate your work then it is bound to loom large on your face, making you panic, resulting in bad performance".

Moral : Never postpone finding a solution to your problems. It is always better to face them than dodge them. Because by dodging them, problems don't disappear. They would still be there.

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