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May 07, 2018

Essay - Is Sex-Education Necessary in School ?

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  • Why sex-education in schools is necessary ? 
  • Sex education teaches the students the necessary things. 
  • Developing skills and self-esteem by it. 
  • Understanding the psyche of the children by their parents. 
  • Role of a school in child's life.
  • There are many pros and cons of sex-education.
  • Ensuring a safer, healthier life for the youth.
Introducing sex education in the schools of India is an important issue. Recommendations of the National Curriculum Framework 2000 focus on cultivating a proper understanding of issues like teenage pregnancies, drug addiction, adolescent education etc. Later in a report of 2007, Ministry of Women and Child Development study shows that over 50 per cent of children are sexually abused and in half of these cases, they are abused by persons in positions of trust, thus majority of them do not report it due to fear.

Sex is still considered a taboo in India. Parents feel embarrassed to talk openly with their children in this regard. Due to ignorance, children fall victim to AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies etc. So sex education is necessary to be introduced in the school for the benefit of the youth of our country.

Sex education should be introduced in schools and colleges. Sex education lays the foundations for students by learning the correct names for part of the body, understanding principles of human reproduction, exploring family and interpersonal relationships, learning about safety and developing confidence. These can then be built upon gradually, in line with the age and development of a student.

Sex education comprises sexual development, affection, body image and gender roles. In other words, it is about learning how we grow, reproduce and change over the years. It also includes a positive view of sex and the safety involved on sexuality.

If the youngsters learn about sex objectively, they would be more careful before indulging in sex secretly. Sex is a natural part of life, and when questions arise, they can be discussed in a matured way without condoning certain behaviour. Relying to that, we realise that sex education is important to be taught a child.

Sex education can develop skills and self-esteem to help students who enter in adolescence. It helps them in knowing that the sudden few changes are okay and normal. It also encourages students to develop a coherent set of personal values based upon respecting themselves and others.

Students who understand and value themselves are better equipped to develop meaningful and respectful relationships. They are able to take a positive approach to manage their lives and develop the necessary skill to prepare them for current and future life challenges.

Usually parents in India are known to hide their love towards each other, in front of their children. The children grow up to believe that love is a taboo and it is improper to display one's affection in public. Parents must understand the psyche of their children. They must share with their children the love they share and behave like normal friends.

It will enhance the sense of security in their children and they realise the love as normal thing. Parents also discuss the problems of the child openly and make them understand their problems and play a positive role.

In a world, full of exploitation, children are the most vulnerable section in our society. So they need to be taught between good touch and bad touch in order to protect themselves from various forms of child abuse.

School life plays a significant role for the overall development of a child. Thus, along with the academic subjects, sex education should be given equal importance. Trained teachers, counsellors, medical consultants should deal with this matter.

Today many NGOs have introduced training programmers on AIDS and HIV awareness. They should be encouraged and the school should cooperate with them to spread awareness.

There are many pros and cons of sex education in schools. Pros of sex education in school can be explained in the following ways

Studies show that many teenagers become sexually active before the inclusion of educational classes. This education help students stay or to abstain or at least be responsible if they are active. Properly taught, sexual education could give a regular and ongoing human anatomy and biology. Students can be taught the correct terms of the reproductive system and sexually transmitted diseases.

Thus, myths related to sex can be dispelled. This proper education can have an impact on the prevention of sexual problems in adulthood also. Further if the classes of sex-education are gender-exclusive, these save embarrassment among students and teach them only what they need to know based on their gender.

There are also some cons of sex-education in schools. Teachers are not always adequately trained to teach sexual education and may violate their own beliefs or morals on the subject rather than continuing with the facts. The attitudes of parents, educators and religious leaders in the community can make the stuff that vary from state to state or even school-to-school. Often, sexual education can go against moral or religious beliefs of an individual. Sex education is often seen as a 'recreational' course and not a serious issue.

Most sex education is taught as a brief interlude in physical education or health class. This is not enough time to relate effectively to serious material.

Awareness of sex is the most significant factor necessary to lead a secure life. Usual educational practices are very simple to learn, but we cannot consider sex education on the same line. It comprises of physiological, psychological and social issues, especially when we think of including it as a part of academic syllabus. As these complications occur, a question may arise in the mind of people about the need for sex education providing to the children. While children reach teenage level, lack of sex education may lead the way to their unusual behaviour. If not corrected at the exact time, it may generate problems of immature misbehaviour in these children's life.

Now it is high time for introducing sex education in school. This will create a liberal thinking among the youth and give them a safer, healthier life style. Many psychologist argued that sex education has the potential to liberate the young generation from socially organised sexual oppression. It helps them to overcome feelings of guilt and shame and they start to see the world in a matured way. Thus, we can say the proper sex-education can ensure a safer, healthier life style for the youth.

This is to ensure the students that are our future generations will be well prepared to stand up against all the unexpected obstacles in their future. After all, "Education does not hurt, but ignorant does".

Difficult Words with Meanings :
  • Curriculum the subject that are include in a course of study or taught in a school, college etc; 
  • Taboo a cultural or religious custom that does not allow people to do, use or talk about a particular thing as people find it offensive or embarrassing
  • Condoning to accept behaviour that is morally wrong
  • Self-esteem a feeling of being happy with your own character and abilities
  • Coherent able to talk or express yourself in a clear way that can be easily understood
  • Equipped to provide somebody with things that are needed for a particular purpose or activity
  • Psyche the soul, mind or personality of person or group
  • Vulnerable easily hurt or harmed physically, mentally or emotionally
  • Myth an idea or story that is believed by many people but that is not true
  • Recreational connected with activities that people do for enjoyment when they are not working
  • Interlude a thing occurring or done during an interval.
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