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December 10, 2016

December 2016 : Expected Current Affairs Quiz - Set 6

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Who will be the next (44th) Chief Justice of India ?

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has successfully launched the Resourcesat-2A satellite from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota of which state ?

Armed Forces Flag Day / Flag Day of India is observed on ?

India's first Heritage Military Transport Park was recently inaugurated in which Indian city ?

The TIME magazine has recently named ____________ as the Person of the Year 2016.

Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis has recently announced that the state government is set to bring its own e-wallet system, named _____________ , to promote a cashless economy.

Andhra Pradesh Government has launched a mobile application to promote digital transactions among the people. Name it ?

Who is the new Prime Minister of France ?

The Reserve Bank of India has recently announced that no PIN will be required for all card-not-present transactions including online payments up to ₹ _______________

International Civil Aviation Day is observed on ?

What is the Theme of International Civil Aviation Day 2016 ?

Alphabet has been named the company of the year by Fortune magazine in its annual Blue Ribbon ranking. It is the parent company of which search engine giant ?

The hashtag used for the Rio Summer Olympics, __________________ was the most popular hashtag in India and globally this year, as per Twitter's #YearOnTwitter 2016 report.

Veteran Journalist and former Rajya Sabha member Cho Ramaswamy was recently passed away. He was the founder editor of which magazine ?

In it's first bi-monthly credit policy review after demonetisation, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) kept the repo rate unchanged at ___________%. 

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