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November 08, 2016

Committees 2016 : Expected Questions - Set 3

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  1. Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) has constituted a 3-member committee headed by IIT _____________Director Partha Pratim Chakraborty to suggest ways to reduce number of seats falling vacant at IITs and NITs every year ?
    1. Bombay
    2. Kanpur
    3. Guwahati
    4. Delhi
    5. Kharagpur
  2. ____________ Committee has recently submitted its report about damage caused to the Yamuna flood plains due to World Culture Festival organised by Sri Sri Ravishankar Led Art Of Living (AOL) in March 2016 along River Yamuna in New Delhi. ?
    1. Shashi Shekhar
    2. meising Luikham
    3. Rajiv Mehrishi
    4. Susheel Kumar
    5. None of These
  3. University Grants Commission (UGC) has constituted a 5­member committee under the chairmanship of ____________ for pay revision of academic staff of Universities and Colleges ?
    1. Rajiv Nayan Choubey
    2. V S Chauhan
    3. Anil Swarup
    4. Hem Kumar Pande
    5. None of These
  4. Human Resource Development ministry set up 12-member committee on Yoga Education in Universities, which is headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Yoga guru ___________ ?
    1. H.R. Nagendra
    2. Ajit M Sharan
    3. Ratnasundersuriswarji Maharaj
    4. Anoop Kumar Srivastava
    5. None of These
  5. Information and Broadcasting (I&B) Ministry constituted a Committee under former Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) ___________, to check violations of guidelines set for government advertisements by Supreme Court ?
    1. H. S. Brahma
    2. Navin Chawla
    3. N. Gopalaswami
    4. Nasim Zaidi
    5. B B Tandon
  6. PM Narendra Modi constituted a task force under _______________ to rationalise central government staff and ensure their maximum optimisation ?
    1. Rajiv Gauba
    2. Aruna Sundararajan
    3. Rajeev Gupta
    4. Vinod Aggarwal
    5. Rajiv Kumar
  7. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting reconstituted Central Press Accreditation Committee that issues Press Information Bureau (PIB) cards to journalists. _______________ will be chairman of committee ?
    1. Subash Chandra Khuntia
    2. G. Narayana Raju
    3. Kusumjit Sidhu
    4. Frank Noronha
    5. None of These
  8. One-man judicial committee on One Rank One Pension (OROP). It consists of retired Chief Justice of Patna High Court ____________ ?
    1. L Narasimha Reddy
    2. S. Jaishankar
    3. Shaktikanta Das
    4. Anjuly Chib Duggal
    5. one of These
  9. ____________ Committee on Revisiting & Revitalizing the PPP model of Infrastructure Development submitted its report ?
    1. Ameising Luikham
    2. Rajan S. Katoch
    3. Nandita Chartterjee
    4. Vijay Kelkar
    5. None of These
  10. ____________ government constituted a judicial commission under Bimal Prasad Das, to study functioning of Sri Jagannath Temple, which has recently witnessed major controversies over mismanagement of rituals ?
    1. Odisha
    2. Jharkhand
    3. Chhattisgarh
    4. Madhya Pradesh
    5. None of These
  11. Finance Ministry constituted 11 members committee to suggest steps to promote card payments with an aim to discourage cash transactions. Committee will be headed by ____________  (Principle Adviser for social sector in NITI Aayog) ?
    1. Arvind Subramaniam
    2. R G Rajan
    3. Ratan P Watal
    4. Urjit Patel
    5. None of These
  12. Government set up committee headed by Union Minister _______________ to look into demand of Jats for reservation in central government jobs. ?
    1. Nitin Gakari
    2. Smriti Irani
    3. V K Singh
    4. M. Venkaiah Naidu
    5. None of These
  13. Delhi Government appointed panel under ____________  recommended suspension of Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA) due to severe alleged financial irregularities. ?
    1. Amarendra Sinha
    2. Devendra Chaudhary
    3. Upendra Tripathy
    4. G. Narayana Raju
    5. Chetan Sanghi
  14. Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) released report of Alternative Investment Policy Advisory Committee (AIPAC) headed by ____________  , to suggest measures for development of alternative investment funds (AIFs) and startup eco-system in India.?
    1. Balvender Kumar
    2. Devendra Chaudhry
    3. S. M. Vijayanand
    4. N R Narayan Murthy
    5. None of These
  15. Delhi Government appointed ____________  Commission for enquiring DDCA (Delhi & District Cricket Association) scam. ?
    1. Nripendra Mishra
    2. Ajit Doval
    3. Ramesh Abhishek
    4. Gopal Subramanium
    5. None of These

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