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November 06, 2016

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu News Paper" - 5th November 2016

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Hai  Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu dated 5th November 2016. Happy reading :)

Note : Click on the titles to read the Editorials 

Hindu Editorial Topic 1 : "Still unwieldy but just in time"

  • Unwieldy - too big or complicated to work well
  • Stalemate - a situation in which progress is impossible because the people or groups involved cannot agree
  • Deliberations - discussions in which a subject is considered carefully
  • Contentious - causing or likely to cause disagreement
    Vocabulary from News Papers
  • Regime - a system of rules that control something
  • Retain - to keep or continue to have something
  • Proposed - to offer or suggest a possible plan or action for other people to consider
  • Tweaking - to change something slightly, especially in order to make it more correct, effective, or suitable
  • Respectively - (of two or more items) with each relating to something previously mentioned, in the same order as first mentioned
  • Threshold - a level at which something happens
  • Foodgrains - any of a variety of grains that are grown for human consumption, such as wheat, oats, etc
  • Essential - completely necessary
  • Constitute - to be or be considered as something
  • Inflation - a general, continuous increase in prices
  • Exempted - to excuse someone or something from a duty, payment, etc
  • Regressive - (of tax) lower on large amounts of money, so that the rich are less affected
  • Repercussions - the effect that an action, event, or decision has on something, especially a bad effect
  • Fiscal -  relating to money and financial matters, especially taxes
  • Levied - to impose (a tax, fee, or fine)
  • Durables - products such as cars, furniture, and electrical equipment that are expected to last for a long time
  • Producer - a country or region that produces a lot of something
  • Hardly - used for saying that something is almost not true or almost does not happen at all
  • Spur - something that encourages someone to do something
  • Drive - to force someone into a bad situation or state
  • Manufacturing - the business of making goods in large quantities in a factory
  • Bolster - to make something stronger or more effective
  • Cess - a tax
  • Sin goods - goods harmful to society (alcohol and tobacco etc)
  • Desirable - something that is desirable has qualities that make you want it
  • End-use - the ultimate specific use to which a manufactured product (such as paper) is put or restricted
  • Point of sale - the place at which a retail transaction is carried out
  • Distort - to change something such as information so that it is no longer true or accurate
  • Unlikely - not likely to happen
  • Compensate - to change or remove the bad result of something
  • Doing away with - to get rid of something
  • Thereafter - after a particular time that has been mentioned
  • Visibility - a situation in which someone or something can be clearly seen or noticed
  • Dovetail - to fit together, or to work together well
  • Lobbying - to make someone agree to do something by convincing them
  • Nix - to refuse or say no to something
  • Spills over - to spread to other areas
  • Constituted - to combine (to form a group)
  • Unanimous - a unanimous decision, vote, agreement etc is one that everyone agrees with and supports
  • Consensus - agreement among all the people involved
  • Augur - to be a sign of what may happen in the future
  • Refining - to make small changes to something in order to improve it
  • Ensuring - to make something certain to happen
  • Radically - completely or in a way that is very noticeable
  • Compliance - the practice of obeying a law, rule, or request

Hindu Editorial Topic 2 : "Ominous curb on media freedom"

  • Ominous - making you think that something bad will happen
  • Curb - to control or limit something
  • Directing - to give someone instructions to do something
  • Violation - an action that is in opposition to a law, agreement, principle etc
  • Regime - government
  • Concerning - about a particular subject
  • Suspension - the act of officially stopping something for a period of time
  • Smacks - to hit something hard and noisily
  • Inclination - a feeling that you want to do something
  • Accused - to say that someone has done something wrong
  • Sensitive - needing to be kept secret
  • Compromised - to risk harming or losing something important
  • Neutralise - to stop something from having any effect
  • Disclosure - the process of giving information to people, especially information that was secret
  • Ammunitions - bullets, bombs etc that can be fired from a weapon
  • Vicinity - the area near a particular place
  • Reportage - the methods and type of language that journalists use when they are reporting news
  • Briefing - a meeting or document in which people receive information or instructions
  • Controversy - a disagreement, especially about a public policy or a moral issue that a lot of people have strong feelings about
  • Restrained - controlled
  • Hostage - a person who is the prisoner of someone who threatens to kill them if they do not get what they want
  • Adjudicate - to make an official decision about a problem or disagreement
  • Blanket ban - complete ban of something
  • Statutory - controlled by a law
  • Assessment - the process of making a judgment
  • Imminent - likely or certain to happen very soon

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