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November 13, 2016

Bank of Baroda PGDBF 2016 Interview Experience

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Hi friends i am Deepak Kumar (generel) from Delhi. i am B. Tech (CSE) from Bangaluru

I am qualified for BOB PGDBF on 9th November 2016
On bob regional office parliament street. my gd and interview timing was 9:00 o' clock sharp time. i reached there at 8:15. the interview was on bob regional office 11th floor.
They called us for document verification an after all verification process.after that we are called for group discussion. 9 boys have called for group discussion. there were 5 members of panel for watching our group discussion.our topic was "does 500-1000 note demonetisation is good or bad"... they had given us time two minutes for note down points and told us to divide in 2 groups 5 boys in favour and 5 in against..

After 2 minutes we went for discussion and in few moments it turned out as we are bargaining in fish
market. 15 minutes too much hectic and no one is ready to listen anyone. after that they given us 2 minute to conclude topic again same noise happened. after that they told us to leave.

Then after 2 hour i was called for interview. mine number was 12th.i was little bit nervous. but at the time of entering i recalled my parents face and collect all my courage . on panel again 5 members were there. 5 gentlemen around 40-50 of age and 1 lady around 40. i knocked the door and told may i come in sir. they told yes.
i wish lady first after than other members.

interview panel : be comfortable
me: ok

interview panel : tell me about yourself
me: i started with my name, my address, my career, my family background, my strength,my weakness.

interview panel: they asked me what is your strength say it aloud
me: i am interesting in writing poem

interview panel: in bank how it will be helpful?
me: i told creativity is best tool for every structure. and in business and marketing it is like jems. they all seemed satisfied.

interview panel : they asked me about insurance offered by indian railways
me: i told in 92 paisa it will give insurance amount of 10 laks

interview panel : they asked us about my city
me: answered

interview panel: how will you different from others explain in few words
me: emotional, dedicated, sharp focused, active. all looked impress they told ok you can leave now.

i hope this will helpful for my friends for their interviews in future. All the Best.

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