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August 12, 2020

Success Story - SBI Clerks (Aparna)


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Name : Aparna Pasupuleti

Qualification : M. Sc 

State : Andhra Pradesh

Hi, I am Aparna from Rajahmundry (Andhra Pradesh). I used to read so many success stories in Gr8 Ambitionz from last 2 years, but I never thought that I will be sharing mine here. I am very happy now. But I struggled alot during these past 2 years. I am going to share these with my fellow great ambitions brother and sisters. I will be happy if atleast one from you got motivated from my story. 

I completed my PG in the year 2013. Later spent a whole year at home doing nothing. Everything went well till one day. The day which turned my life upside down. My father met with a small accident and passed away after 3 months struggle. Till then, everybody is with us. The first week of my father's accident, there were at-least 50+ relatives / well-wishers at my house. But the number gradually decreased by the 3rd month and went to zero when he died. Suddenly life has became blank. "Marry your daughter as soon as possible", my aunt and other relatives suggested my mother. Because they thought that I will be burden to the house.

But I didn't want to. My brother was studying 8th standard. My mom doesn't have anybody except we both. So I decided to support my family. I need to get into a job and settle myself. Till then I never thought about life seriously. My friends suggested me to go to Hyderabad so that it will be easier for me to get a good job. But, I can't leave my mom alone. I tried for work from home Data entry jobs. I worked as hard as I could. But they never paid me for my work. I stay in a small village which is 20 minutes away from a city named Rajahmundry (Rajamahendravaram).  Now my only option is to get a job in Rajahmundry. It is almost impossible to get a good job with normal post graduation. So I decided to try for teaching jobs. No use. Finally got an offer from a degree college, which is around 40km from my home. There was no frequent bus facility to that area, so again I had to drop. 

Finally, somebody told me that there is a vacancy for tutor in a banking institute. Frankly speaking, I never appeared or heard about banking exams till then. So I rushed to a nearby book store and bought a banking previous papers book. I practiced it for an entire week, so that I can pretend as an expert tutor during the interview. So finally I went to the interview. Around 8 people were waiting with me. The head of the institute came,  called one by one to the interview room. I was very tensed, I keep on memorizing various formulas I learnt. My turn came, I went into the room. He checked my certificates, read my name in louder voice, and asked, how much am i expecting. I really don't have any idea. Told him the same. He said ok, you need to join from next week. That's all. That was my first successful interview. I really don't know why he selected me without interview. Later I came to know that I'm of the same caste!!!

The institute offered me 4k per batch. Something is better than nothing. Days are going on. I worked there for almost 1 and half year. During this time, I faced so many types of people. People who are jealous of you, People who makes fun with you, People who link your name with your colleagues... needless to say about the TRUE LOVERS, who are always ready to console you when every you are in trouble. This made me lose belief on people. 

Then I got two well wishers who were the first reason to my success. They are, Sujatha Akka (she was actually my student in the institute), from my home town,  who motivated me to write bank exams and Narasimharaju sir, a retired teacher, who teaches General Awareness in my institute. He helped me in the preparation of GA section and introduced me the wonderful website 

Preparation wasn't been a problem for me, but I couldn't get enough time for practice. My English was also not good, I needed to focus more on this area. So, I decided to leave my job and dedicate my whole time to preparation. Many people (including my mom) didn't support me, because they fear that I may not be getting this job again if I lose it. Ofcourse, it is true. But I decided to take risk. What will happen if I lose ? I need to start from stage zero. Ofcourse, that's not new to me. I literally locked myself in my room and started preparation. People (including my brother), used to make fun of me. But I was not in a situation to listen to them. I saw some model papers, but I never appeared to any bank exam. So I was very tensed. Finally the day has came, I could attempt 137. I never thought I could clear it. As the result got delayed, I totally lost my hopes. I have been searching my alternatives and planning to move to Hyderabad. Finally, the day has came. I made it.

Final Words :
I am not here to give lectures. Unlike others, I am not even going to give you a study plan, because I know, I am not in a position to be a role model. I shared my story here to say 2 things.
  1. Nothing is impossible if you work hard. If I can, then everybody can.
  2. No need to join in any coaching institute, if you are sincere.
A word of Thanks :

I want to thank Shivani ma'am of gr8ambitionz for her support (I still remember how I irritated her with my suicidal plans and the way she treated me like her sister). I want to thank all those people who shared their success stories and inspired me (especially Jisha and Ronnie). If you are in trouble, then read the success stories of these two people They really motivate you. Thank you for reading and wish to see all your success stories soon. All the best.

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