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October 11, 2016

English Vocabulary in 365 Days - Lesson 47

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Hello everyone, in our Lesson 46, we learnt about the prefix NeoNeo represent the meanings new; recentToday we shall see the prefix non. Happy Reading :)

Day 47 : Non

  • Non - not
Let's try to understand this with some examples
  • nonsense (noun) = something which does not make sense 
    • non - Prefix = not
    • sense - Root = sense
  • nonpayment (noun) = failure to pay a debt, a tax, rent etc.
    • non - Prefix = not
    • pay - Root = pay
    • ment - Suffix = the action of
Let's have a look at some more words with non prefixes, for better understanding.
  • Nonage - state of not being of legal age
  • Nonaggression - state of not being aggressive
  • Nonalchoholic - not containing any alcohol
  • Noncommissioned - an officer of minor rank
  • Nonconformist - one who does not always adopt himself to set rules
  • Noncontemporary - not living at the present time
  • Nondelegable - not able to be delegated
  • Nondescript - not easily described
  • Nonevil - not an evil thing
  • Nonfiction - the type of book or other writing that deals with facts about real people or events, not imaginary stories
  • Nonpartisan - not belonging to any party
  • Nonphenomenal - existing as a reality
  • Nonplus - a state of uncertainty, perplexity
  • Nonprofit - not for making money
  • Nonquota - not part of a quota
  • Nonsense - something which does not make sense
  • Nonsensical - not making sense
  • Nonsequitur - in logic something that does not follow
  • Nonstop - without stopping
  • Nontaxable - not able to be taxed
  • Nontoxic - having no poisonous effects
  • Non-verbal - not involving words or speech
Home Work :

Try to guess the meanings of the following elements.
  1. -intellect
  2. -judic
  3. -labor
  4. -magn
a. to judge
b. work
c. great
d. understand

Try to match the above elements with given meanings.  Solve it on your own and

That's all for today guys..... Thank you :)

You can read Old Lessons of this series from here
Shraboni Chakraborty
Asstt. Professor
English and Foreign Languages University,

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