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September 06, 2016

Expected Questions from 2016 Summer Rio Olympics - Part 2

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What is the Mascott of Rio 2106 Summer Olympics ?

What is the Mascott of 2016 Summer Paralympics ?

The Rio Olympics Mascott Vinicius named after Vinicius de Moraes. Who is he ?

Official Theme Song of Rio Olympics 2016 is ?

Rio 2016 Logo was inspired from ?

The Official Song of Olympic Torch Relay was ?

Motto of Rio Olympics 2016 is ?

How many Medals were there in Rio Olympics ?

Motto of London Olympics 2012 is ?

Motto of Beijing Olympics 2008 is ?

What are the two new sports in Rio 2016 ?

What is the Theme of Rio 2016 ?

India’s flag bearer at opening ceremony was

India’s flag bearer at closing ceremony was 

How many medals did India win in Rio Olympics ?

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