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September 25, 2016

Common Errors in English Usage with Explanations - Part 79

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  • Do not play mischiefs.  (wrong)
  • Do not get up to mischief.  (correct)
    • Explanation : To play means 'to take part in something'. To get up to means 'to be occupied in'. 
  • I stood second in my class.  (wrong)
  • I was second in my class. (correct)
    • Explanation : 'Stand second' is not wrong but in English, we rarely use it.
  • I am reading at the high school. (wrong)
  • I am at the high school.  (correct)
    • Explanation : 'To read' should be used to mean 'to peruse or to study books'. 
  • He did no fault. (wrong)
  • He committed no fault. (correct)
    • Explanation : To commit means 'to carry out'. We commit a mistake, fault or crime. The use of 'do' is inappropriate.
  • We make drill. (wrong)
  • We do drill. (correct)
    • Explanation : Drill refers to military training exercises. We cannot 'make drill'. 
  • The council is consisted of ten members. (wrong)
  • The council consists of ten members.  (correct)
    • Explanation : Council of (to be composed of) cannot be passivized.  
  • Romulus found Rome. (wrong)
  • Romulus founded Rome. (correct)
    • Explanation : The past tense of found (establish) is founded.
  • 'Where is the book ?' - 'It is not found'. (wrong)
  • 'Where is the book ?' - 'It is lost'. (correct)
    • Explanation : The opposite of 'to find' is 'to lose'. 
  • He prevented him from harm. (wrong)
  • He protected him from harm. (correct)
    • Explanation : 'Prevent' and 'protect' are often confused. 
      • 'Prevent' is used to stop someone from beginning to do harm; 'protect' means to save someone from harm.
  • My leg has been operated. (wrong)
  • I have had an operation on my leg. Or, my leg has been operated on. (correct)
    • Explanation : 'To operate' (verb) used in the sense of to perform a surgical must be followed by 'on'. 
  • It is written in this letter that...... (wrong)
  • This letter says that..... (correct)
    • Explanation : 'It is written' is not wrong, but is usually clumsy English. 

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