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September 16, 2016

Common Errors in English Usage with Explanations - Part 70

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  • The gold is yellow. (wrong)
  • Gold is yellow. (correct)
    • Explanation : Names of metal do not need an article.
  • Himalayas are mountains. (wrong)
  • The Himalayas are mountains. (correct)
    • Explanation : The Himalayas represent a range of mountains, and not a single moutain.
  • The mankind should love the nature. (wrong)
  • Mankind should love nature. (correct)
    • Explanation : Generic expressions such as man or mankind don't need articles.
  • Many are Gods of Hinduism. (wrong)
  • Many are the gods of Hinduism. (correct)
    • Explanation : God (with a capital G) is a unique concept in Christianity and other monotheistic religions whereas god (with a small g) is a deity.
  • He found hundred rupees. (wrong)
  • He found a hundred rupees. (correct)
    • Explanation : One hundred is expressed as a hundred (and not just hundred).
  • Ganges is a river. (wrong)
  • The Ganges is a river. (correct)
    • Explanation : Since Ganges is a river in the Himalayas out of several streams, in English it is called 'the Ganges', in Hindi it is called Ganga.
  • We had a picnics nearly every day. (wrong)
  • We had picnics nearly every day. (correct)
    • Explanation : Picnics, a plural noun, cannot be preceded by a.
  • He won a running cup. (wrong)
  • He won a challenge cup. (correct)
    • Explanation : This is a common misuse of the word 'running'. A running cup means a cup given for running. A cup held only until the date of the next tournament is a challenge cup.
  • Each of us loves our or their home. (wrong)
  • Each of us loves his home. (correct)
    • Explanation : 'Each' is a singular in number. The phrase 'each of us' refers to every single member of a big group or section. Therefore, 'each of us' will have a singular verb and pronoun.
  • None of the boys had learnt their lesson. (wrong)
  • None of the boys had learnt his lesson. (correct)
    • Explanation : Since, none means not any one, it refers to a singler entity and needs a singular possession referring to it.
  • People often spend his leisure in cinemas. (wrong)
  • People often spend their leisure in cinemas. (correct)
    • Explanation : 'The word' people is collective noun and will always take plural pronouns such as, 'they', 'their', 'them', etc.

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