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August 16, 2016

Common Errors in English Usage with Explanations - Part 61

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  • I spent the holidays with my family members. (wrong)
  • I spent the holidays with the members of my family.  (correct)
  • I spent the holidays with my family.  (correct)
    • Explanation : Since family means 'a group of people related by blood or marriage' family members is a redundant expression. 
  • There is no place in this compartment. (wrong)
  • There is no room in this compartment.  (correct)
    • Explanation : Place refers to a location whereas room refers to a space that can be occupied. 
  • Write this in your copy. (wrong)
  • Write this in your notebook.  (correct)
    • Explanation : As a noun, copy means a single specimen of a particular book containing models of handwriting to be learnt. 
  • I am learning a new poetry. (wrong)
  • I am learning a new poem. (correct)
    • Explanation : When we refer to poetry, we refer to the entire genre and not to a particular work of a poet. 
  • We saw a joker at the circus.  (wrong)
  • We saw a clown at the circus. (correct)
    • Explanation : Clown is a comic entertain, especially one in a circus, whereas a 'joker' is a person who is foolish or inept. Therefore, it is appropriate to use clown in this context. 
  • We had a good play of football. (wrong)
  • We had a good game of football. (correct)
    • Explanation : 'Play' is generally used as a verb and game is used as a noun. It means 'sport played according to rules'. 
  • We saw a threatre.  (wrong)
  • We saw a play.  (correct)
    • Explanation : A theatre is a building in which plays are enacted, not the play itself. 
  • The boy was wearing a new dress.  (wrong)
  • the boy was wearing a new suit (some new clothes). (correct)
    • Explanation : Dress is generally used wiith reference to a woman's attire, but we do say 'a man in full dress' or 'evening dress'.
  • Please put your sign here.  (wrong)
  • Please put your signature here.  (correct)
    • Explanation : In a sentence where the term 'sign' means 'to write one's name', it is a verb. 'Signature' on the other hand is a noun, which means 'the act of writing'. 'Sign', when used as a noun, means 'a symbol'.
  • He is my cousin brother.  (wrong)
  • He is my cousin.  (correct)
    • Explanation : The English language uses much more loosely terms expressing relationship than the Indian languages. 'Aunt' means the sister of either father or mother. 'Uncle' means the brother of either father or mother'. 'Cousin'means any child of any aunt or uncle. 
  • He had a large number of money. (wrong)
  • He had a large amount of money.  (correct)
    • Explanation : Money is an uncountable (mass) noun. 
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