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July 27, 2016

GK : List of Leading Countries for Mineral Production of World (Top 3 Producers)

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Hi friends, I am Sindhu. Here I am sharing the List of Leading Countries for Mineral Production of World. These are 12 important minerals along with the Top 3 producers. Hope this will be helpful for your GK section of Competitive Exams. Happy Reading :)

Minerals and Countries (Top 3 producers)

  • Iron Ore - China, Japan, Russia
  • Copper Ore - Chili, USA, Indonesia
  • Tin - China, Indonesia, Peru
  • Lead - China, Austraila, USA
  • Zinc - China, Australia, Peru
  • Manganese - South Africa, Brazil, Australia
  • Aluminium - China, Russia, Canada
  • Cement - China, India, USA
  • Petroleum - Saudi Arabia, Russia, USA
  • Nature Gas - Russia, USA, Canada
  • Silver - Peru, Mexico, China
  • Coal - China, USA, India
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