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July 23, 2016

GK : Geography for Competitive Exams - Part 1

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  • Is Australia an island or a continent ?
    • Australia is an island as well as a continent. 
  • What and where is the Great Barrier Reef and what is its length ?
    • This is the world's longest formation of coral. It is 2,012 km long and is spread on the shores of Queenlsand in Australia. 
  • Name the biggest island in the world ?
    • Greenland
  • On the bank of which river is the important Chinese town Nanking situated ?
    • Yang-Tse river
  • To which country do the Dutch belong ? Name the capital of this country ?
    • The Dutch are from the Netherlands, also known as Holland. Its capital is Amsterdam. 
  • Which are Sri Lanka's two main ethnic groups ?
    • Sinhalas and Tamils
  • Name the lakes at the highest and the lowest altitudes ?
    • Titicaca is the lake situated at the highest point, which is 12,500 ft. above mean sea level, and the Dead Sea is the lowest, being 1,292 ft. below mean sea level. (Dead Sea, though named so, is not a sea, but a lake). 
  • Name the capital of Dara and Nagar Haveli ?
    •  Silvassa is the capitaly city
  • How many canals flow through Venice, the city of canals ?
    • In Venice, there are 177 canals. If their length is jointly calculated, it will be 28 miles, although this city is only 2 miles in length and 1 mile in breadth. 
  • Name the capital of Zambia ?
    • Lusaka is the capital of Zambia
  • Tanshkent is the capital of which country ?
    • Tanshkent is the capital of Uzbekistan
  • What is the time difference between Indian Standard Time and Greenwich Mean Time ?
    • 5 1/2 hours
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