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July 11, 2018

General Knowledge Quiz - Set 90

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Name the sport where the term 'steeplechase' is used ?

Name the dance form developed by the Polynesians of the Hawaiian Islands ?

Who is also regarded as the first women astronomer ?

On which track is the ice hockey played ?

Name the South Korean archer who set multiple Olympic gold medal records despite being legally blind with a vision of 20/200.

What is the expanded form of ISRO ?

Which famous Indian biologist researched the life of plants ?

The name of which Native American big cat means 'he who kills with one leap'?

Who was the first to reach the Norfolk Islands ?

Dumhal dance form originated form which state ?

The dance form rouf belongs to which state ?

Where is Mount Fuji located ?

Which track and field sport uses a light spear to be thrown at the farthest distance ?

Name the young girl who led France to independence from England ?

Who invented the camera ?

Name the Indian, who won a bronze medal in wrestling in the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki ?

Which martial art form from Kerala includes strikes, kicks and weaponry ?

'Dachi', the term is used in which sport ?

Name four forms of Japanese martial arts ?

Which martial art is a style of fencing associated with the Samurais ?

Rajarajeshwari. M

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