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June 28, 2018

General Knowledge Quiz - Set 80

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In which Olympic sport do you find Normal Hill and Large Hill events ?

Name the first musical conductors of western classical music in India ?

Where did the Chikankari work of art originate ?

Name the three 'B's of the ancient western classical music.

Where is the 'People's Daily' pubilshed ?

Where will one find the Chicken Itza ?

Name the type of garden with ponds and where water plants are grown.

Who is the 1st woman judge of the Supreme Court in India ?

Name the first Indian Muslim to contribute to the intellectual development of peopple through modern education ?

Which two countries have hosted the Winter Olympics the most times ?

What are the young ones of the salamander called ?

Which is the largest moon of Pluto ?

In which year was the Windows Internet Explorer launched ?

What are the narrative poems written in a grand style on the life of a person called ?

From which Shakespearean play is the line "All that glitters is not gold" taken from ?

In which year were the Nobel Prizes established ?

When was the 1st Master Plan of Delhi notified ?

In which year was the first heart transplant performed successfully ?
Rajarajeshwari. M

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