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July 11, 2016

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu" - 8th July 2016

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Hai  Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu dated 8th July 2016. Happy reading :)

Note : Click on the title to read the Editorial. 

Topic 1 : "Grim lessons from the Iraq invasion"

  • Grim - worrying, without hope
  • Invasion - an occasion when an army or country uses force to enter and take control of another country
  • Conclusion - the final part of something / end or finish of an event
  • Exaggerated - to make something seem larger, more important, better, or worse than it really is
  • Exhausted - (of resources or reserves) completely used up
  • Significance - the quality of being worthy of attention / importance.
  • Contemporary - existing or happening now
  • Inquiry - an official process to discover the facts about something bad that has happened
  • Ill-prepared - not ready or prepared for something
  • Consequence - a result of a particular action or situation
  • Topple - to (cause to) lose balance and fall down
  • Regime - a government, especially an authoritarian one
  • Motive - a reason for doing something
  • Crumbled - to become weaker in strength or influence
  • Substantial - of considerable importance, size, or worth
  • Lacked - to not have or not have enough of something that is needed or wanted
  • Justification - a good reason or explanation for something
  • Wounded - injured, especially with a cut or hole in the skin
  • Displaced - forcibly move from native places
  • Chaos - a state of total confusion with no order
  • Set the stage for - prepare the conditions for the occurrence or beginning of something
  • Extremist - someone who has beliefs that most people think are unreasonable and unacceptable
  • Vicious - deliberately cruel or violent
  • Potent - having great power, influence, or effect
  • Tragedy - a very sad event or situation, especially one involving death or suffering
  • Disastrous - extremely bad or unsuccessful
  • Haven - a safe or peaceful place
  • Shelved -  to not take action on something until a later time
  • Rebels - a person who is opposed to the political system in their country and tries to change it using force
  • Worsening -  to make something become worse
  • Disputing - an argument or disagreement
  • Ruthlessness -  not thinking or worrying about any pain caused to others / cruel
  • Dictator - a leader who has complete power in a country and has not been elected by the people
  • Toppling - to (cause to) lose balance and fall down
  • Proxy - authority given to a person to act for someone else
  • Civil war - a war fought by different groups of people living in the same country
  • Crisis - a time of great disagreement, confusion, or suffering
  • Unapologetic - not sorry about having caused someone problems or unhappiness, even though people might expect you to be sorry
  • Successor - someone that comes after another person
  • Turn a blind eye - to ignore something that you know is wrong
  • Misadventure - an accident or bad luck
  • Laid bare - to make something known

Topic 2 : "Fixing the pulses deficit"

  • Pulses - seeds such as beans or peas that are cooked and eaten
  • Deficit - the amount by which something is too small
  • Revival - an improvement in the condition of something
  • Nutritional - healthy
  • Intake - an amount of food, air, or another substance taken into the body
  • Spur -  to encourage an activity or development or make it happen faster
  • Essential - absolutely necessary; extremely important
  • Inflation - a general, continuous increase in prices
  • Retail - the activity of selling goods to the public, usually in shops
  • Alarming - worrying or disturbing
  • Pace - speed
  • Uptick - an increase in something
  • Buffer stock - a large supply of a commodity (a crop, metal, fuel, etc.) that is bought and stored when extra is available, and sold when there is not enough, in order to control its price and quantity in the economy
  • Pact - a formal agreement
  • Diplomacy -  the management of relationships between countries
  • Scale up - to increase the size, amount, or importance of something
  • Procures - to get something, especially after an effort
  • Sustainable - able to continue over a period of time
  • Mandarin - a person who has a very important job in the government, and who is sometimes considered to be too powerful
  • Staple diet - food that is eaten routinely
  • Designated - officially give a specified status or name to
  • Curbing - to control or limit something that is not wanted
  • Malnutrition - physical weakness and bad health caused by having too little food, or too little of the types of food necessary for good health
  • Cut back - an act of reducing something
  • Consumption - the act of eating something
  • Portent - to be a sign that something bad is likely to happen in the future
  • For instance - for example
  • Sow - to put seeds in or on the ground so that plants will grow
  • Paddy - a field where rice is grown
  • Regime - a system of rules that control something
  • Template - something that is used as a pattern or an example for something else
  • Dismantling - to get rid of a system or organization, usually over a period of time
  • Cripple - to cause serious damage to someone or something
  • Pave the way - to make something possible
  • Myriad - a very large number of something
  • Intermediary - a person who acts as a link between people in order to try and bring about an agreement (a mediator)

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