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July 07, 2016

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu" - 4th July 2016

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Hai  Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu dated 4th July 2016. You can click on the Titles to read the Editorials. Happy reading :)

Note : There were no editorials in THE HINDU on 3rd July 2016

Topic 1 : "Sunny times for solar"

  • Sunny times - happy moments / good days
  • Alliance - an agreement to work with someone else to try to achieve the same thing
  • Mobilise -  to organize or prepare something
  • Trillion - 1,000,000,000,000
  • Investment - the act of putting money into something to make a profit
  • Initiative - a new plan or process to achieve something or solve a problem
  • Significant - important or noticeable
  • Transition - change
  • Declining - reducing
  • Obstacle - something that prevent progress
  • Scale-up something - to increase the size, amount, or importance of something
  • Photovoltaic - able to produce electricity from light, or relating to the process of doing this
  • Hedging - the activity of reducing the risk of losing money
  • Ambition - a strong wish to achieve something / goal
  • Renewables - types of energy such as wind power and power from the sun that can be replaced as quickly as they are used
  • Domestic - local
  • Setback - something that happens that delays or prevents a process from developing
  • Adverse - having a negative or harmful effect on something
  • Stipulation - saying exactly how something must be or must be done
  • Essential - absolutely necessary; extremely important
  • Sustained - continuing for an extended period or without interruption
  • Boon - a thing that is helpful or beneficial
  • Rooftop - the outer surface of a building's roof
  • Energiewende - german word for energy transition
  • For instance - for example
  • Transparent - open and honest, without secrets
  • Regime - a particular way of operating
  • Bureaucratic - involving complicated rules and processes that make something slow and difficult
  • Hurdle - a problem that you have to deal with before you can make progress:
  • Ramping up something - to increase something
  • Arguably - used when stating an opinion or belief that you think can be shown to be true
  • Reliability - able to be trusted or believed
  • Emphasis - special importance, value given to something
  • Accurately - exactly / correctly
  • Forecast - estimate / predict
  • Viability - to work as expected or able to succeed
  • Conventional - traditional and ordinary
  • Innovation - (the use of) a new idea or method
  • Potential - possible when the necessary conditions exist
  • Exploit - to use something in a way that helps you

Topic 2 : "The horror in Dhaka"

  • Horror - an extremely strong feeling of fear and shock
  • Upmarket - very high quality and intended to be bought by people who are quite rich
  • Clout - power and influence over other people or events
  • Radicalised groups - a group of people who believes that there should be great social or political change
  • Escalation - a rapid increase / a rise
  • Siege - an operation in which a police or other force surround a building and cut off supplies, with the aim of forcing an armed person to surrender
  • Rhetoric - something intended to be effective and influence people
  • Assailants - people who physically attack others
  • Hacked -  to cut into pieces in a rough and violent way
  • Significant - important to be worthy of attention / noteworthy
  • Crusader - someone who works hard for a long time to achieve something that they strongly believe is morally right
  • Apostate - someone who has given up their religion or left a political party
  • Play down - to make something seem less important or less bad than it really is
  • Threat - something likely to cause damage or danger
  • Sensibilities - feelings
  • Crackdown - a series of serious measures to restrict undesirable or illegal people or behaviour
  • Arena - a stage to perform an act
  • Propaganda - information, ideas, opinions, or images, often only giving one part of an argument, that are broadcast, published, or in some other way spread with the intention of influencing people's opinions
  • Simmering - something that is simmering is controlled but may burst out at any time, often violently
  • Strategies - detailed plans to achive success in situations like war / politics / business
  • Perceive - become aware or conscious of (something) / come to realize or understand
  • Step back - to temporarily stop being involved in an activity or situation in order to think about it in a new way
  • High-handedness - using power or authority more forcefully than is needed, without thinking about the feelings or wishes of other peopl
  • Dissent - a strong difference of opinion on a particular subject
  • Hollowed out - became empty inside

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