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July 14, 2016

Common Errors in English Usage with Explanations - Part 34

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    • Write with ink. (wrong)
    • Write in ink.  (correct)
      • Explanation : We say 'write with a pen in ink'.
    • He rides on a car.  (wrong)
    • He rides in a car.  (correct)
      • Explanation : If you use 'on' here, the sense will be 'on top of the car'. But one can 'ride inside the car' and not 'on top of the car'. Here 'in' is appropriate. 
    • This is a comfortable house to live. (wrong)
    • This is a comfortable house to live in.  (correct)
      • Explanation : To live in is a phrasal verb which means 'to reside'. 
    • This is the road to go. (wrong)
    • This is the road to go by. (correct)
      • Explanation : We always go by a road.
    • He gave me a gun to shoot. (wrong)
    • He gave me a gun to shoot with. (correct)
      • Explanation : The full expression is 'to shoot with a gun'. 
    • I gave him a chair to sit. (wrong)
    • I gave him a chair to sit on. (correct)
      • Explanation : One sits on (or in) a chair. 
    • He married with an American Lady. (wrong)
    • He married an American Lady. (correct)
      • Explanation : If we are reporting that he took someone as his wife, we say, he married her. 'He is married to her' indicates that they are married.  
    • They are called with different names. (wrong)
    • They are called by different names.  (correct)
      • Explanation : 'To call by' means to address (someone) as.
    • Harry accompanied with his friends.  (wrong)
    • Harry accompanied his friends.  (correct)
      • Explanation : In the active voice, 'accompany' needs no preposition before its object.  
    • We should not spend money for luxuries.  (wrong)
    • We should not spend money on luxuries.  (correct)
      • Explanation : Spend needs 'on' before its object. 
    • He went away for doing some business.  (wrong)
    • He went away on business.  (correct)
      • Explanation : On business means 'in some trade or regular profession'.
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