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June 12, 2016

Most Common Grammatical Errors in English - Part 4

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Dear Friends, I am Bharghav. Here I am sharing the 4th Part of the Most Common Grammatical Errors in English. You can read Part I from here , Part 2 from here and Part 3 from here.  Happy Reading :)

 Most Common English Errors

  • How many childrens you have ? (wrong)
    • How many children do you have ? (correct)
  • My mother wanted that I be doctor.  (wrong)
    • My mother wanted me to be a doctor.  (correct)
  • The life is hard ! (wrong)
    • Life is hard ! (correct)
  • Is ready my passport ? (wrong)
    • Is my passport ready ? (correct)
  • My brother has 10 years. (wrong)
    • My brother is 10 (years old). (correct)
  • I want eat now. (wrong)
    • I want to eat now. (correct)
  • You are very nice, as your mother.  (wrong)
    • You are very nice, like your mother.  (correct)
  • She said me that she liked you. (wrong)
    • She told me that she liked you. (correct)
  • I came England to study English. (wrong)
    • I came to England to study English. (correct)
  • It is more hot now. (wrong)
    • It's hotter now. (correct)
  • You can give me an information ? (wrong)
    • Can you give me some information ? (correct)
  • They cooked the dinner themself. (wrong)
    • They cooked the dinner themselves.  (correct)
  • Me and Ali live here.  (wrong)
    • Ali and I live here.  (correct)
  • I closed very quietly the door.  (wrong)
    • I closed the door very quietly.  (correct)
  • You like dance with me ? (wrong)
    • Would you like to dance with me ? (correct)
  • I go always to school by subway. (wrong)
    • I always go to school by subway. (correct)
  • We drive usually to home.  (wrong)
    • We usually drive home.   (correct)
  • If I will be in Delhi, I will contact to you. (wrong)
    • If I am in Delhi, I will contact you. (correct)
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