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June 20, 2018

General Knowledge Quiz - Set 74

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Who is the founder of Arya Samaj ?

What is the study of the earth's oceans and its interlinked ecosystems and chemical and physical properties called ?

Which renowned scientist made a special appearance at the Paralympic Games in London ?

What is the common name of acetic acid ?

The biggest monolithic statue in the world is situated at ?

Expand the acronym CNG ?

Who composed the song "Vande Mataram" ?

What are the Andaman and Nicobar islands popularly known as ?

Who took the first Olympic Oath ?

Which is the only manmade monument to be visible from space ?

What is the full form of CRY ?

Who coined the slogans "Dilli Chalo" and "Jai Hind" ?

The world's largest football stadium located in ?

Name the first all-woman bank that was inaugurated by former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh ?

Name the youngest Formula One Champion from Great Britain ?

Name the geological and chemical study of rocks ?

From where does the "Daily Mail" published ?

In Billiards, how many points are scored for cannon ?

The words 'Satyamev Jayate' has been taken from which Upanishad ?

After which mathematician and astronomer of the 12th century is India's second satellite named ?

Rajarajeshwari. M

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