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May 19, 2016

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu" - 17th May 2016

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Hai  Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu dated May 17th 2016. Click on the titles to read the Editorials. Happy reading :)

Topic 1 : "The fee for NSG membership"
  • Intend - to have as a plan or purpose
  • Proliferation - rapid increase in the number or amount of something
  • Treaty - a written agreement between two or more countries
  • Plenary - a meeting or session attended by all participants at a conference or assembly
  • Outreach - the extent or length of reaching out
  • Though - however
  • Backed - supported
  • Signatory - a person, organization, or country that has signed an agreement
  • Key - important
  • Criterion - a standard by which you judge, decide about, or deal with something
  • Disarmament - the reduction or withdrawal of military forces and weapons
  • Coalition  - the joining together of different political parties or groups for a particular purpose
  • Fraught - full of unpleasant things such as problems or dangers
  • Diplomat - an official representing a country abroad
  • Ambitions - targets / goals
  • Persuasive - making you want to do or believe a particular thing
  • Naysayers - someone who says something is not possible, is not good, or will fail
  • Waiver - an agreement that you do not have to pay or obey something
  • Appraise - to examine someone or something in order to judge their qualities, success, or needs
  • Reckon - to think or believe
  • Flexibility - the ability to be easily modified / willingness to change or compromise
  • Eventually - in the end
  • Curtail - to stop something before it is finished, or to reduce or limit something
  • Arsenals - a collection of weapons and military equipment
  • Underscore - underline / highlight
  • Elite - a select group that is superior in terms of ability or qualities to the rest of a group or society
  • Transparent - open and honest, without secrets
  • Crucial - very important
Topic 2 : "Waiting to exhale"
  • Exhale - breathe out
  • Assessment - to judge or decide the amount, value, quality, or importance of something
  • Choked - to have serious difficulty in breathing 
  • Particulate matter - matter in the form of very small separate particles
  • Crippled - seriously damaged
  • Vast - of very great extent or quantity
  • Deforestation - clearing of trees, transforming a forest into cleared land
  • Desertification - the process by which land changes into desert
  • Cold comfort - poor or inadequate
  • Deep-rooted - strongly felt or believed and very difficult to change or get rid of
  • Impact - effect or influence
  • Scrutiny - critical observation or examination
  • Causative - acting as the cause of something
  • For instance - for example
  • Premature death - death that occurs before a person reaches an expected age
  • Respiratory - relating to breathing
  • Cardiac - relating to the heart
  • Several - more than two but not many
  • Household - a group of people (family), who live together
  • Quantified - express or measure the quantity of
  • Chronic - (especially of a disease or something bad) continuing for a long time
  • Obstructive - trying to stop someone from doing something by causing problems for them
  • Pulmonary - relating to the lungs
  • Ailment - illness
  • Prompt - to make someone decide to say or do something
  • Mitigation - the action of reducing the seriousness or painfulness of something
  • Biomass - dead plant and animal material suitable for using as fuel
  • Enlightened - showing understanding, acting in a positive way, and not following old-fashioned or false beliefs
  • Ambitious - it needs a great amount of skill and effort to be successful or be achieved
  • Curb - to control or limit something that is not wanted
  • Administration - the management of public affairs / government
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