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April 08, 2016

Success Story of Gulshan Verma

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Hello friends, my name is GULSHAN VERMA, B.Tech (E.C.), from Udaipur Rjasthan.

I want to share my experience as how I managed to get the job in NATIONAL INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED as an ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER.

            As soon as I completed my engineering I knew that I do not want to go for M.Tech, nor I want a job in some private company. I took advice from some of my friends and started preparing for government exams, and I knew I had to qualify for the exam no matter what.
            The hard work paid off and I managed to clear most of the exams like SBI clerk, IBPS PO and NICL AO. I also made it to the interviews for SBI associate PO but unfortunately I was disqualified as my thumb impressions did not match at the time of the interview and it came as a shock to me as I was a genuine candidate, probably I was not destined to be there, I also had an interview with UICL, and I had prepared the basics of the insurance industry for that, but the interview didn’t went well. Finally I made it to NICL and joined the company in august 2015, I also had CANARA BANK PO as an option but after proper research I took my shot at NICL.

            I want to tell all the give their 100% for the bank exams but whenever there is vacancy in insurance industry give it your is way better than banks w.r.t. work pressure, postings, salary. And you actually can manage time here and try to study for competitive exams for a higher post.The competition is slightly tough in the insurance exam as compared to the banks just due the number of seats available. In 2015 it had around 350 seats as compared to around 16k seats in bank po exams, but you only need one seat for yourself, don’t you?

            In the end I want to thank god, my family and friends, my teachers for helping me achieve what I desired, KEEP FIGHTING AND ONE DAY YOU WILL SURELY WIN.

Thank you.

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