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April 02, 2016

Questions Asked in Today's (2nd April 2016) RRB Exam (2nd Shift)

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 Questions Asked in Today's (2nd April 2016) RRB Exam (2nd Shift)
  • 2014 nobel prize won by?
  • Article 21 A related to what?
  • Astronomer who was kept in house arrest for supporting heliocentrism?
  • Father of Indian Space programme?
  • First president of Indian national congress?
  • First space tourist?
  • Gujarat, sikkim,  jammu&kashmir, arunachal pradesh
  • How many taste buds in human tongue?
  • In badminton, the height of net at the centre of the court?
  • In tennis, hard pitch means pitch made of Clay, concrete, grass, carpet
  • India's geosynchronous satellite launched in 1981?
  • Metal used to make filament of bulb?
  • Monument constructed by Quli  Qutab Shah to commemmorate the end of Plague?
  • Monumment constructed in memory of the visit of King George v and Queen Mary?
  • Mughal empire established by whom?
  • National song composed by?
  • Nest stadium for 2008 summer olympics in which country?
  • Non metal which is liquid at room temperature?
  • Number of bones in a baby?
  • Odd one out : Aluminium, Copper, Brass,
  • What is C12 H22 O11?
  • Which colour has least wavelength?
  • Which is false? Sound is a ________ wave 
    • a) pressure wave b)mechanical wave c)electromagnetic wave d)longitudinal wave
  • White desert in which state?
Updated Questions

Which of the following does not caused by noise pollution?
Ozone depletion etc given as option

Insecticide which had been in news in Kerala?

One dance form asked of which state?

The piece in a chess board which moves straight but captures diagonally?
Knight, pawn, rook,

First woman prime minister of South Korea elected in 2006?       Han Myeong Sook

UNIX is the brand( or developed by) of which company? (Not exactly asked like this)

Which of the following is example for word processor?

What is loading of OS at the starting of computer called?

The industrialist who was disqualified in 2015?

Tennis : court ; Boxing : ?  Ring

Painters : artists ; Musicians : ?    Band

Dog: kennel ; Bee : ?  Hive

A =1, OAR = 34 , then ROAR = ?    

R019 is divisible by 11, then the smallest possible value of R among the following?

2 questions on blood relations
Salim's paternal great grandfather's only son's daughter in law is related to him as?

1 sentence rearrangement question
About the climate in India

2 or 3 questions on statements and assumptions
(Question from memory. Not exactly as it was asked)

Statement : People who excercise daily for atleast half an hour are found to be less prone to lifestyle diseases
Assumptions :
1.All people who excercise daily are healthy.
2.People should excercise daily to avoid diseases.

Statement: Some metroes donot have adequate travelling facilities.
1. All metroes are not linked through good roads.
2. The only problem faced by metroes is lack of good roads.

2 or 3 questions from syllogism

One sitting arrangement question
There are six flats in a floor. Three facing north and three facing south owned by A, B, C, D, E, F.
F lives in the flat facing north. D lives diagonally opposite to F. B lives in flat facing north but not near F. A lives in south facing flat. E lives in south facing flat.

Six years ago age of P and Q were in the ratio 3:2, four years hence their age will be in the ratio 7:8. Find age of P.

2 problems on time and work

1 question on boats and stream

One question to find mode

1 question to find median

Area of triangle ABC is 63 units. Two parallel lines DE and FG are drawn such that it divides AB and AC into three equal parts. Then find the area of the parallelogram DEGF.

Two poles of height 15m and 20m stand 12 away on a level ground. Find the distance of separation of their tops.

A ladder 20m long inclined on a wall at 30°. Find how high from the ground is the ladder on the wall.

A rectangular wooden box 1cm thick has length 22cm breadth 12cm height 17cm. It contains cement. Find the volume of cement.

A triangle having two sides equal and third side is twice the length of equal sides. Perimeter of triangle given. Find the length of third side.

Simple interest for 2 years at a certain rate is 1200. Compound interest at the same rate for two years given. Find the amount.

Calculate compound interest given princial and r = 20%, n = 2 compounded anually.

Find lcm of 15, 25, and one more number given.

4 fractions given and arrange them in ascending order

2 or 3 questions to use appropriate symbols
44  4  7  5 = 82

Find the average of first 20 multiples of 12.

3 DI based questions

2 questions on profit and loss and discount.
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