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April 23, 2016

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu" - 21st April 2016

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Hai  Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu dated April 21st 2016. Happy reading :)

Topic 1 : "Rollback redux"
  • Rollback - reduction / withdraw something
  • Redux - brought back
  • Backed off - to ​stop being ​involved in a ​situation
  • Enforce - to make ​people ​obey a ​law / to make a ​particular ​situation ​happen or be ​accepted
  • Provident fund - an ​amount of ​money consisting of ​regular ​payments by an ​employee and an ​employer over a ​period of ​time that the ​employee receives when they ​leave a ​company or ​retire
  • Backtracked - to go back
  • U-turn - a complete change of plan to opposite one
  • Implication - the ​effect that an ​action or ​decision will have on something ​else in the ​future
  • Forfeit - to lose something
  • Provision - the action of providing or supplying something for use
  • Accumulation - an ​amount of something that has been ​collected
  • Backlash - a strong negative reaction by a large number of people
  • Notified - informed in formal / official manner
  • Murmurs - complaints that are ​expressed ​privately
  • Discontent - dissatisfaction
  • Violent - used to ​describe a ​situation or ​event in which ​people are ​hurt or ​killed
  • Protest - an action expressing disapproval of or objection to something
  • Deferral - delay
  • Scrapped - discarded or removed
  • Ceding - give up something
  • Vulnerable - exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed
  • Take something for granted - to never ​think about something because you ​believe it will always be ​available or ​stay ​exactly the same
  • Desperation - the ​feeling of ​needing or ​wanting something very much
  • Rationale - the ​reasons that ​cause a ​particular set of actions
  • Fritter away something - to ​waste something
  • Undergone - ​experienced something that is ​unpleasant or something that ​involves a ​change
  • Paradigm shift - a ​time when the ​usual way of doing something ​changes ​completely
  • Contractualisation - replacing of regular workers with temporary workers who receive lower wages with no or less benefits
  • Tenure - the ​right to ​remain ​permanently in a ​job
  • Nudge - to push (to make people doing something)
  • Persist - to continue in an opinion even though there is difficulty or opposition
  • Micromanaging - to control every part of something
  • Redoubling - make something much greater

Topic 2 : "Frontrunners seize the day"

  • Frontrunners - people who are most likely to win something
  • Seize - to take something ​quickly and ​keep or ​hold it
  • Yielded - produce / provide
  • Bounties - a sum paid by the state to encourage trade
  • Delegates - a person sent or authorized to represent others
  • Garnered - gathered or collected
  • Consolidated - to become stronger
  • Rivals - people ​competing with ​others for the same thing
  • Convention -  a ​large ​formal ​meeting of ​a political party
  • Respectively - in the same ​order as first ​mentioned
  • Sprinted - run at full speed over a short distance
  • Scooped up something - to ​lift something in a ​quick ​movement
  • Caucus - a ​meeting of a ​small ​group of ​people in a ​political ​party
  • Prospect - the possibility of some future event occurring
  • Surge - to move suddenly and powerfully forward or upward
  • Offset - to ​balance one ​influence against an ​opposing ​influence, so that there is no ​great ​difference as a ​result
  • Overwhelming - very great in amount
  • Darling - a ​person who is very much ​loved or ​liked
  • Mainstream - the ideas / beliefs shared by most people
  • Maverick - a ​person who ​thinks and ​acts in an ​independent way
  • Plinth - base
  • Rugged - ​strong and ​simple
  • Individualism - the habit of being independent
  • Unbridled - uncontrolled
  • Instinctively - a behaviour which is not ​thought about, ​planned, or ​developed by ​training
  • Veer - to change direction suddenly
  • Mirror image - a person or thing that closely resembles another
  • Casino - a public room or building where gambling games are played
  • Disparaging - ​criticizing someone or something in a way that ​shows you do not ​respect or ​value him, her, or it
  • Offended - to make someone upset and angry
  • Differently-abled - disabled
  • Resounding victory - great victory
  • Disenchantment - a feeling of disappointment about someone or something you previously respected
  • Campaign - work in an organized way towards a goal
  • Be on the cards - to be ​likely to ​happen
  • Potential - ​possible when the ​necessary ​conditions ​exist
  • Chaotic - in a state of complete confusion and disorder
  • Engender - to cause or give rise to (a feeling, situation, or condition)
  • Crisis - a time of great difficulty or danger

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