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March 29, 2016

Reviews of Today's (29th March 2016) RRB Exam

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Questions shared by Tonjam Govind
  • Currency of Thailand
  • Language Speak in Brazil
  • Minimum age Lok Sabha Member
  • Last Mughal Emperor
  • Environment Day
  • Lanlocked country
  • Human organ that grow and regenerate.
  • Paper invented in which country.
  • UNESCO Headquarters
  • A question on Green House effect
    Questions shared by Santosh Reddy
    • Largest non polar desert
    • Crack in glacier
    • rules- sport
    • Tee-   sport
    • Interpol hq
    • Where is Islets of langerhans
    • Minim age of M.P of loksobha
    • Island of seychelles in which ocean
    • Pollination by Air?
    • Granite is wt type of rock?
    • Freedom fighter who killed himself
    • Madhubani painiting belongs to which statr
    • Thailand currency
    • Ppr invented in which country
    • Mangalyaan launched from whch place
    • Books on mathemntics
    • World envirmnt day
    • Punched card is
    • Din i illahi is formed by

    Review shared by Deepthi
    Hi guys, I am Deepthi. I have appeared for the 1st shift RRB Exam today. The overall exam was easy.
    Almost all questions are from GK. current Affairs questions are very less. I felt this was the toughest part of the exam. Remaining parts are very easy when compared to this.
    Maths was of bank clerks level. No advanced maths.
    Reasoning was also good. No non verbal reasoning questions.

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